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West Shore Community College will be hosting College for Kids, this week, July 31-August 4.

The five-day College for Kids is a hands-on career exploration day camp on the main campus that is packed with adventure for students ages 9-15.  A pilot group of Junior College for Kids will run for children ages 4-8.

“Through College for Kids, students can explore what they want to be when they grow up, expand their knowledge, and enjoy hands-on learning under the guidance of experienced educators,” states College for Kids Co-Coordinator Cara Mitchell.

Some of the new courses offered this year include Medical Minds, Building Future Protectors: Jr. Police Academy, Traversing Wilderness, Earth Guardians, Enchanted Adventures: Storytelling, Fantasy Art: Airbrushing Superpowers for Beginners, and Tiny Town Creation. WSCC has partnered with Corewell Health to offer Babysitting Bosses, which uses the SafeSitter curriculum. Amanda Kinney, EMS initial education coordinator for the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness, EMS, and Systems of Care, will offer Adventures of a First Responder, including an appearance by Aero Med on Friday, Aug.4. Some of the most popular courses will again be offered, such as Culinary Extravaganza, Pond Ecology, 3D Printing, The Outdoor Experience and Welding Warmup.

Due to the generous donations of many organizations, all registered students have received scholarships to attend. The scholarship includes two, three-hour courses, lunch, transportation, and a College for Kids t-shirt. Normally, one three-hour course would cost $75 and two three-hour courses would cost $150 with lunch and transportation as additional expenses.

“College for Kids has tripled in size in the last three years due to several factors: organizations donating funds to provide scholarships, school districts nominating students for scholarships who may not have heard about or attended the event in the past. and transportation being provided from Lake, Manistee, Mason, and Oceana counties to WSCC,” says Co-Coordinator Wendy Wells.

For more information contact Cara Mitchell at 231-907-8976 or email collegeforkids@westshore.edu