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West Shore Community College has recently updated their 1967 Ford pick-up truck with graphics tied to the new branding. The truck, acquired in 2018, is used for community outreach including participation in area parades and events.

“The truck connects us to the year the college was formed and the agricultural roots of our region. We make a concerted effort to be involved in our communities and the truck helps us in that endeavor while also serving as a visual reminder of the college’s service to the community for over 55 years,” President Scott Ward stated.

The truck was acquired from Thomas and Helen Chycinski, of Manistee. The Chycinski’s also presented a $2000 check to the Foundation of WSCC to kick-start a fund to support student veterans. In response to the gift, Ward donated $500 and hopes others also consider supporting the fund.

Ward added, “We are grateful for the $2000 gift from Tom and Helen and hope others will join us supporting those who have served our country.”

The roots of WSCC date back to 1967, when the residents of the Mason County Intermediate School District and Manistee County School District voted to establish a community college on March 6, 1967.

Since then, the college has become a pathway to a university degree, filled a critical workforce development role and has helped many earn a valuable higher education credential.

For more information on providing a financial gift to the veterans’ fund, contact the Foundation at 231-843-5805.