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West Shore Community College (WSCC) recently hosted the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST®) Robotics competition season kickoff last weekend. This competition brought together ten local schools, engaging over 100 students, coaches, and mentors. Hosting this event established WSCC as one of the 145 global locations for this competition, functioning as a regional hub for teams to collaborate and prepare for the upcoming competition season.

This event marks a milestone in WSCC’s ongoing commitment to robotics. In partnership with Michigan Technological University, WSCC is actively working to broaden its offerings, with the goal of establishing itself as a central hub for robotics in the area. The collaboration with Michigan Technological University is expected to bring about further developments in the field.

“As technology continues its rapid advances, robotics will continue to impact the world of manufacturing as well as how we live,” stated Michael Masters, dean of occupational programs.  “With over 3,200 FIRST® Robotics Teams worldwide, WSCC with its robotics programming can be a valued addition and partner throughout the region to support youth and school districts engaged with FIRST®, in turn supporting the growing robotics use in our local industries.”

For more information on FIRST® Robotics, visit www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc.  For further information on the Robotics program at WSCC, visit westshore.edu.