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West Shore Community College proudly announces the recipients of this year’s Presidential Recognition Award: Professor Jennifer Lundberg-Anders and Professor Ted Malt. The Presidential Recognition Award is bestowed upon individuals who exemplify the vision and mission of the college through significant or innovative impact in instruction, service to students, service to the college, and exceptional service to the community.

Professor Jennifer Lundberg-Anders has been recognized for her unwavering commitment to excellence in instruction and service to students. Her dedication to fostering an engaging and supportive learning environment has left a lasting impression on her students, colleagues, and the community. “Through her work with the local Literacy Network, her guidance embedding communication throughout curriculum, leadership roles on various college teams, and her efforts to prepare students for interviews, Professor Lundberg-Anders has truly embodied the core values of West Shore Community College,” said President Scott Ward. “Understanding the important role of communication in everything we do, I am continuously impressed how she has used her platform to help students, the college, and the community.”

Professor Ted Malt is honored for his exceptional service to the college and the community. His leadership and dedication to the performing arts have played a pivotal role in enhancing the college’s reputation and strengthening its ties with the community. “Professor Malt’s work is recognized by many in the community and the state due to his role as the Director of Performing Arts and the excellence in our programming. What is less visible but most important is his impact on the success of students through his mentorship,” President Ward stated. “The remarkable success of the performing arts scholarship recipient cohort is a testament to his commitment to students.  In addition, through his leadership in the formulation of the new WSCC broadcast studio, we are seeing a new cohort of students gaining the same mentorship from Professor Malt and the performing arts team he has assembled.”

Each recipient of the Presidential Recognition Award will receive a $500 grant, funded by President Ward and his wife Laura. President Ward expressed his pleasure in honoring the outstanding achievements of Professor Lundberg-Anders and Professor Malt, adding, “We initiated this award several years ago to celebrate the exceptional service of college employees. It is our sincere belief these awards will serve as a source of inspiration, propelling the honorees to continue their impactful work. Seeing the positive outcomes of previous recipients only strengthens our conviction in the importance of recognizing and supporting outstanding contributions within the college community.”

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