US History 1865-Present, Spring 2003


Web Assignment #1:Wizard of Oz


Assignment Due:2/4


On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions.I would prefer this be typed, but it is ok to hand-write this, but please use complete sentences.


From Mike Nagleís Homepage (


        Scroll down and click on US History 1865-Present

        Scroll down and click on US History Links

        Click on 5. Click here for The Wizard of Oz

        Click on Links about the book and film The Wizard of Oz

        Then, click on each of the ďhotlinks,Ē read the selection and answer the questions


1. Baum1 and Baum2


        What was L. Frank Baumís background?What were some characteristics of his childhood and family life growing up?How successful was he in business before and after the publication of the Oz books?


2. Characters


        According to the article, what did the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion represent?


3. Color


        What is the significance of color in the Land of Oz as shown in the book and film?What was Baumís background in color theory?


4. Gender


        Summarize the role of gender as portrayed in the readings on this page.What was Baumís attitude about womenís suffrage?


5. Winged Monkeys


        According to this passage, what portion of American society did the Winged Monkeys represent?How/why was this connection made and how were Baumís attitudes toward this group shaped by his time on the South Dakota frontier?


6. Evaluation


        What do you think of the analysis of the Wizard of Oz offered in these passages?