Links to The Wizard of Oz



1.     These sites below offer a good background about the author of the Oz books, L. Frank Baum and might demonstrate some of his influences.


L. Frank Baum


Chronology of Important Dates in Baum’s life


2.     These sites will provide information about the characters.





3. Click below to read a discussion of Color and how it is used. 





          4. Click below to read about the issue of gender in the Oz series. 





5. Click below to read about the Winged Monkeys in Oz 


Winged Monkeys



Additional Links About Oz You May Enjoy 



The article below sparked the initial interpretation that Oz was a commentary on life in US at 1900


·        Full Text Of Littlefield’s, “The Wizard Of Oz:  Parable On Populism” 


These sites offer additional information on the WWW about the book and movie


·        A Fantastic Site For A Who’s Who In Oz


·        Information About Oz Including “Frequently Asked Questions” With Answers