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GED Testing:

Visit the www.GED.com website for a wealth of information about the GED Test, creating an online portal, as well as review and preparation materials. This is truly your first step! You should create your online portal first and once ready, you can schedule a test through that same website.

We would appreciate you considering the College as your testing site. WSCC is an approved PearsonVue Testing Center and as such can offer many tests beyond the GED. Please call the Testing Center if you have questions about additional testing we might offer.

If you still have questions after viewing the www.GED.com website and obtaining an online portal please contact us at the Testing Center at 231-843-5528 or 800-848-9722, ext. 5528 to obtain more information on registering.

Test Changes:

The 2002 Series of the GED has now expired and no partial tests from it are valid. The 2014 test has many changes, the most notable being the test is administered on the computer.

Warning against online GED Testing:

The GED Test is only offered at designated GED Testing Centers. Read Warning.

Register for the GED:

To register for a GED test, visit www.GED.com and establish an online portal. More information on the GED Test is also available at www.gedtestingservice.com.

Once you have an online portal account, you may register, pay for, and schedule your GED test online, but you must take your actual test in an authorized testing center, like WSCC’s Testing Center.

Effective January 2, 2014, a new series of GED testing has been implemented and testing is administered on a computer.

The 2002 Series is no longer available effective December 31, 2013, and any partial scores on the 2002 Series of the GED are invalid.

Accommodations for GED:

Preparation Courses

GED Preparation Courses are not offered at the College but may be available in your local area. Contact the following agencies for information regarding GED preparation:

Manistee County
Manistee Learning Lab 231-723-5910

Mason or Lake County
Mason-Lake Adult Education 231-757-3713, ext. 133

Oceana County
Oceana Community Education 231-861-5151

For online assistance you may use the following websites:
www.testprepreview.com/ or www.mel.org