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Welcome to WSCC’s dual enrollment resource page! We’re so excited you’re considering taking college classes as a high school student. You’ll find some important information and resources below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please send any questions you have to admissions@westshore.edu. We look forward to having you with us!

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Dual Enrollment Advisor: Rachel Henderson; email rhenderson@westshore.edu or schedule an appointment

Steps to Dual Enroll
  1. Apply for admission to WSCC as a dual enrollment student.
  2. Complete the online New Student Orientation in Canvas once accepted
  3. Meet with your high school counselor and discuss course selection
  4. Register for classes with your high school counselor
Dual Enrollment Forms ( to be completed with high school counselor)
Class Recommendations & Transfer

Since many dual enrollment students do not know what they’d like to study after high school, or plan on attending another college, we recommend students take courses that are part of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). This is an agreed-upon group of courses that will transfer smoothly between most Michigan colleges and universities. You can find a full list of courses at WSCC that are part of the MTA here.  WSCC academic advisors are also available to discuss courses and students’ long-term academic goals, either at WSCC or another college/university.

If you know where you plan on attending after WSCC and/or high school graduation, we encourage students to speak with academic advisors at their future school! They are always the best source of information when it comes to which courses will transfer, and how they will help students complete their degree.

The Michigan Transfer Network is another helpful resource for anyone looking to transfer college credits in Michigan. Visit their website at mitransfer.org for more information.

Please keep in mind that only courses with a final grade of C or higher will transfer.

Future Impact of Dual Enrollment Courses

Dual enrollment is a wonderful way to start earning credits for college early! Some of our students graduate from high school with nearly a full year of college courses under their belt, which saves them time and money. However, while dual enrollment can be a good choice for many students, it also is a choice to consider carefully with your family and high school counselor since it can have an impact on future college acceptance, college financial aid, and WSCC GPA.

WSCC also encourages students to speak with their high school counselors about the consequences of failing or withdrawing from a dual enrollment course. Each district has its own policy regarding whether students and/or their families will be responsible for reimbursing the high school for tuition and fees should students not complete a dual enrollment course successfully.

College Resources

Please remember that as a dual enrollment student, you have access to all the support and resources we offer to WSCC students, including:

ASM Tech Early College High School

ASM Tech students are dual enrollment students, so all resources and steps listed here are also required for ASM Tech students. If you would like more information about the ASM Tech program, please visit their website.

CTE Students

While CTE courses through the WSESD are high school classes, many of them give students the opportunity to earn articulated college credits at WSCC. Students must complete their coursework with an 80% or better to earn this credit, in some cases earn a certification, and apply to WSCC as a CTE student so that WSCC staff can allocate the credits to each student.  Please note these are designated as articulated credits on the WSCC transcript, therefore not guaranteed to transfer to an institution other than WSCC.  Please inquire with your institution on acceptance of articulated WSCC credits. For questions about articulation between WSESD CTE and WSCC, email Jocelyn Teske, CTE high school counselor, at jteske@wsesd.org. You can learn more about the CTE programs at their website here.

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