Registered Student Organizations

West Shore Community College has many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) each semester to choose from; there is something for everyone, so get involved! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas.

The Student Services Office, along with the Student Senate, officially recognizes these organizations through an annual registration process. Once registered, RSOs can plan and sponsor activities on campus, apply for funding, and participate in events.

To create a new RSO, please fill out this form (you must be signed into my.westshore to view this form). For information about starting a new RSO or joining one, contact Matt Sanderson at mwsanderson@westshore.edu.

Students in The Commons participating in event

Broadcasting Club

This year we will learn everything it takes to operate a Broadcast Studio by live broadcasting the WSCC Performing Arts Series, as well as developing our own filmmaking projects including roles such as writing, camera operation, directing, video editing, audio production, and much more! If you are interested in joining, enter our Remind here: https://www.remind.com/join/bmcwscc for updates on future meetings and events!

Advisor: Ted Malt
Email: tdmalt@westshore.edu

President: Matt Rasgaitis
Email: mrasgaitis@westshore.edu

Club Leader: Dawson Seagraves
Email: dawsseagraves@gmail.com

Crafty Club

The Crafty Club promotes wellness and stress relief through crafting activities. Members work on crochet, knitting, and sewing projects in a supportive group environment. By sharing their craft creations, members inspire each other’s creativity and foster a sense of community.

Advisor: Patti Skinner
Email: pskinner@westshore.edu

President: Zoe Voss
Email: zvoss@westshore.edu

Fishing Club

The mission of West Shore Community College’s Fishing Club is to provide members, regardless of experience, an opportunity to fish in a variety of settings on campus, outside of campus, and on Club trips. Our goal is to learn about fishing but also share memorable experiences, enjoy Michigan’s natural resources, and demonstrate our deep respect for the environment and the importance of service to others.

Advisor: Adam Hatchew
Email: ahatchew@westshore.edu

President: Jacob Staffan
Email: jstaffan@westshore.edu

Nature Club

Nature Club promotes mental wellness and environmental awareness through outdoor activities. Members go on nature walks, learn about local wildlife through trail cameras, and work on signage projects to engage the campus community with the nature around us. By exploring and documenting the college’s natural spaces, this club aims to empower students’ minds, health, and appreciation for the outdoors.

Advisor: Paul Bilinski
Email: pbilinski@westshore.edu

President: Jacob Holcomb
Email: jholcomb@westshore.edu


Haven provides a safe, affirming community and support network for LGBTQIA+ students and allies at West Shore Community College. Through meetings, members build friendships and support each other on campus.

Advisor: Dr. John Moore
Email: jmoore4@westshore.edu

President: Brendan Brady
Email: bbrady@westshore.edu

Geeks & Gamers

Geeks & Gamers builds community though shared interests in games and academics. This club also plans to do outreach to high school students interested in getting a preview of college life and club involvement.

Advisor: Wade James
Email: wjames@westshore.edu

President: Zoe Ross
Email: zross2005@gmail.com

West Shore Whitetails Esports

At West Shore White Tails Esports, our goal is to re-establish our presence in the competitive gaming and tournament scene. We strive to create a welcoming environment where students can come together to play games, forge friendships, and bond over their shared interests in games. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, our club offers a place to meet like-minded peers, discover new titles, and improve your skills. Join us as we work to build a fun, inclusive community centered around the games we love.

Advisor: Kellon Petzak
Email: kpetzak@westshore.edu

President: Levi Webster
Email: levismithwebster@gmail.com

WSCC Intervarsity

InterVarsity provides support, community, and spiritual growth opportunities for students. Through meetings, events, and outreach, members explore their faith, build relationships, and help one another navigate daily college life.

Advisor: Rachel Henderson
Email: rhenderson@westshore.edu

President: Meagen Ely
Email: mely@westshore.edu

Philosophy Club

A space for students to discuss philosophy and philosophical issues amongst their peers. No prior experience with philosophy is required. Just bring your sense of wonder and enjoy discussing life’s big questions with your fellow students!

Advisor: Dr. Matt Sanderson
Email: mwsanderson@westshore.edu

President: Liberty Stevens
Email: lstevens@westshore.edu

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa celebrates the accomplishments of students who strive for academic success at two-year colleges. We invite qualifying students to apply and join our community of scholars. Members gain access to exclusive networking and scholarship opportunities.

Advisor: Dr. Wendy Wells
Email: wwells@westshore.edu

President: William Bradford
Email: wbradford@westshore.edu

Pokemon Club

The Pokemon Club unites Pokemon trading card game lovers of all skill levels. Novices and experts gather to battle, trade, and share their passion or Pokemon through various activities. Our goal is to build a fun, engaging community of Pokemon enthusiasts.

Advisor: Joseph Grochowski
Email: jrgrochowski@westshore.edu

President: Gladys Rosas
Email: grosas@westshore.edu

Running Club

The Running Club creates a friendly and supportive environment for individuals who share a passion for running and other forms of exercise. Events would consist of carpooling to various local trails for group running experiences.

Advisor: Paul Bilinski
Email: pbilinski@westshore.edu

President: Baden Webster
Email: bwebster1@westshore.edu

Volleyball League

The purpose of Volleyball League is to get teams of 4 together and play volleyball

Advisor: Noah Dodson
Email: ndodson@westshore.edu

President Frances Knizacky
Email: fknizacky@westshore.edu

Dance Club

To encourage movement throughout campus in a fun manner and to bring students together through the art of dance.

Advisor: Jodi Radloff
Email: jradloff@westshore.edu

President: Alexandra Swanger
Email: aswanger@westshore.edu

Agriculture Club

The purpose of the Ag Club will be to promote and further agricultural fields through professional development, leadership training and activities for students interested in the numerous agricultural disciplines.

Advisor: Constance Schwass
Email: cmschwass@westshore.edu

President: Michelle Carter
Email: mcarter1@westshore.edu

Ski Club

Connect students to Michigan winters through downhill skiing and snowboarding while also creating lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences on the slopes.

Advisor: Erwin Selimos
Email: eselimos@westshore.edu

President: Zachary Visser
Email: zvisser@westshore.edu

Piano Club

Teach beginner piano classes for anyone wanting to learn.

Advisor: Stephani Shilander
Email: sshilander@westshore.edu

President: Jazlyn Madsen
Email: jrmadsen5@gmail.com

Coffee Club

A time to get together, unwind, and enjoy a shared interest while studying, chatting, or just enjoying coffee.

Advisor: Cynthia Erickson
Email: cerickson1@westshore.edu

President: Avery Vaas
Email: avaas1@westshore.com

Math Club

The Math Club is a place for members to share their mathematical interests with like-minded peers. People of all skill levels are welcome. The meetings will be primarily social and may include activities like tackling interesting problems, playing mathematically inspired games, watching mathematical movies, giving informal presentations, and inviting guest speakers.

Advisor: Adam Moreno
Email: amoreno@westshore.edu

President: William Bradford
Email: wbradford@westshore.edu

WSCC Quizbowl

Quizbowl is a pretty big scene in a lot of the high school in Ludington, Scottville, Hart, and Manistee–we want to give incoming students an opportunity to continue it as a hobby.

Advisor: Matthew Sanderson
Email: mwsanderson@westshore.edu

President: Nathan Biggs
Email: nbiggs@westshore.com

Creative Writing Club

At West Shore Community College, our Creative Writing Club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of aspiring writers. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment where students can work with each other to develop their creative voices and share their passion for writing. Through workshops, discussion, and collaborative projects, we seek to nurture the growth of writers at all genres and skill levels, from those just barely beginning to those who have done a little publishing. Join us on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and self-discovery. Together, we will inspire, support, and elevate one another as we embark on the exciting adventure of creative writing at West Shore Community College.

Advisor: Sean Henne
Email: swhenne@westshore.edu

President: Amelia Tuinstra
Email: atuinstra@westshore.edu

Fortnite Creative Team

We will be making Fortnite maps every week. Our mission is to make maps for others to play and have fun doing so. Each member will have their own projects to work on and we will work together to create these maps. Let’s collaborate and communicate to make the best maps possible!

Advisor: Kellon Petzak
Email: kpetzak@westshore.edu

President: Nick Trivisonno
Email: nicktrivisonno21@gmail.com