We would love to have you join the WSCC community! If you are interested in becoming a student but haven’t completed the application for admission, please do so here.

Once you’ve completed the application, there are a few more steps to finalize your enrollment, and they differ depending on your goals for studying with us.

Try Career Coach. By answering simple questions about your interests and skills, Career Coach can help you find the career pathway that is right for you.

If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to call the Office of Student Services at 231-843-5510; we will be more than happy to help!

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your goals!

First Time College Student

Please follow the steps below to begin your educational experience at West Shore Community College, a place where students come first! For the best course selection, complete these steps early.


  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Apply for Financial Aid (recommended)
  3. Take Placement Exams and/or Submit Transcripts
  4. Complete Online Orientation
  5. Sign up for New Student Registration, Meet with an Advisor, Register for Classes
Returning WSCC Student

If you are a previous student at West Shore Community College and have not attended classes for two or more years, you should complete the following steps:


  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Apply for Financial Aid
  3. Meet with an Advisor (Optional)
  4. Register for Classes
Transfer Student

Follow these steps to transfer to West Shore with a minimum disruption to your academic and career pursuits. We’ll assist you every step of the way.

  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Submit Transcripts and/or Submit Placement Exams
  3. Complete Online Orientation
  4. Meet with an Advisor (Optional)
  5. Register for Classes

Have official transcripts from any institutions you have attended sent directly to:

West Shore Community College
Registrar’s Office
3000 North Stiles Rd.
Scottville, MI 49454
You will receive a letter from the Registrar once your transcript has been evaluated. If you do not apply for admission prior to sending your transcripts, they will not be evaluated.

West Shore may transfer courses that you have already taken toward a degree or certificate if:

  • The coursework was completed at a regionally accredited institution
  • You earned a C (2.0) or better for the course
  • If you have attended another college in the state of Michigan, you can check the Michigan Transfer Network to see how your courses will transfer to West Shore

Placement Tests
If you have not taken college-level English or Math, you will need to either submit SAT scores or take the ACCUPLACER assessment in the Learning and Testing Center. To schedule testing, please contact the Learning and Testing Center at: 231-843-5528 or email testingcenter@westshore.edu.

Guest Student

Please follow the steps below to begin your educational experience at West Shore Community College as a Guest Student.

  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Submit unofficial transcripts

Does the class transfer back to your college? Check out the Michigan Transfer Network.

High School Dual Enrollment Student

Please see instructions on the Dual Enrollment page.

Personal Interest Student

Education is a lifelong endeavor. At West Shore, we have multiple options. Some courses are for credit and some are not. You choose! Please follow these steps if you want to take a traditional college course but not sure if you should take it for a grade.

  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Review our Audit Information
  3. Submit Transcripts and/or Submit Placement Exams to take courses that have a prerequisite
  4. Register for classes
  5. If you’d like to audit your courses, please complete this form and return it to sturecord@westshore.edu.

There are also many learning experiences or opportunities to enhance your knowledge and abilities. Check out our Leisure & Enrichment or Business Training schedules! There are no entrance requirements or examinations, offered at little or no cost and conducted on the college campus or at off-campus sites throughout the college district.

Home School Student

Please see instructions on the Dual Enrollment page.

Employer Sponsored Student
  1. Apply to WSCC
  2. Ask your employer to complete this form and return it to businessoffice@westshore.edu
  3. Submit transcripts and/or submit placement exams to take courses that have a prerequisite
  4. Register for classes

Graduation Requirements


General Requirements

To earn a degree or certificate from West Shore, students must complete the following:

  1. Complete an Application for Graduation: A degree or certificate will not be awarded unless a student has submitted an Application for Graduation and a grad audit has been performed by the Registrar. Students should apply once registered for their final semester of courses. Degrees are awarded at the end of each semester, even though there is only one Graduation or Commencement ceremony per year.
  2. Complete Program Requirements: Each program has a Program of Study that outlines courses required to complete that degree or certificate. In some cases, course waivers or substitutions may be granted by the division chair and/or Dean.
  3. Earn a minimum of 60 credits: A student cannot earn any Associate degree if less than 60 credits have been earned, regardless of whether all program requirements have been met. Students earning a Certificate must meet all requirements of the certificate.
    • Students must earn at least 15 credits at WSCC or through Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) for an Associate‚Äôs degree, 10 credits for a Certificate.
    • Courses considered Developmental in nature – such as ENG 098¬†or MTH 021¬†– are not applicable to graduation requirements nor are final grades used in GPA calculation.
  4. Maintain a 2.0 GPA: A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required to earn a degree or certificate. Some exceptions apply for programs that consist entirely of Pass/Fail courses. In addition, certain programs, such as Nursing and Criminal Justice, have varying graduation requirements.
Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree (AAAS) Requirements

Students pursuing an AAAS degree are preparing to enter employment. In addition to program-specific courses, students must complete the following general education coursework. Many AAAS programs will require specific courses that meet the categories listed below. Consult the Program of Study for specific information.

Total AAAS General Education: 18-19 credits

Students looking to transfer to a 4-year college or university should also consider pursuing the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) to facilitate a smoother transfer process, as the AAAS degrees are not designed for transfer.

Competency Exam

In order to receive an Associate’s degree in an occupational program at West Shore Community College, students must take any required exams, such as NOCTI, NCLEX, MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) appropriate to specific fields. These occupational competency tests are designed to measure student gains as a result of training at the postsecondary level at WSCC.

*Diplomas will not be distributed to students who have unpaid financial obligations to the College.

Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) Requirements

Students pursuing an AA or AS degree may also meet all MTA requirements and are generally preparing for transfer to a 4-year college or university. Students must complete the following:

Total AA/AS General Education: 30 Credits

Additionally, the AS degree requires 18 additional credits of STEM Electives. With the addition of these credits, students earning an AS have nearly all 60 credits required met through program requirements.


A commencement ceremony is held once each year at the conclusion of the winter semester, typically at the end of April or beginning of May. Students who have earned their degree or certificate after the previous Fall semester or who will graduate after Winter or Summer are invited to participate.

Academic Advising

Students are highly encouraged to meet regularly with an Academic Advisor to ensure they are making progress toward degree completion. To make an appointment, students can click on their appropriate Pathway to find the link to schedule with their advisor.

Ways to Pay


There are a number of ways to pay for your college education. Payment options include applied financial aid, paying in full at the cashier, making a full credit card payment online, or enrolling in WSCC’s payment plan.

The¬†Academic Calendar¬†lists payment deadlines and other important academic dates. If you haven’t considered financial aid because you¬†think you¬†won’t qualify, you should take another look. Financial aid eligibility is based on need, which is the cost of attending college minus what you and your family are expected to contribute. Nearly half of WSCC students receive some form of financial aid.¬†Financial aid is designed to supplement, not replace, a family’s resources. All colleges expect student and families to contribute as much as possible toward college costs.

How to Access the Various Payment Options

Students must do one of the following each semester…
Financial Aid

To successfully apply for financial aid, students must first start with filing out their FAFSA at http://www.fafsa.gov/.  Upon completion of the FAFSA, the information will be electronically sent to the institutions you indicated you plan to attend.  If West Shore was one of those institutions, you will receive confirmation of the receipt of the information.  This process may take up to four weeks, so apply for financial aid early.

You can monitor your financial aid progress (documentation still pending, documentation completed and received and the amount of aid you are eligible for) by accessing my.westshore.edu.  Once you log in, click on the Student tab located at the top of the screen, MYFinancial Aid located in the left navigation and then click on either View Financial Aid Document Tracking to see what documents you have successfully completed (or still need to complete) or Financial Aid Awards which will indicate the financial aid amount you are eligible for.  

Payment Plan

The Payment Plan, administered by NelNet, is another excellent option for financing your education. Learn more about and access this payment option by logging into my.westshore.edu, clicking on the Student tab located at the top of the screen, MyAccount located in the left navigation and then Payment Plan.  

Pay in Full

Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, cashier check, U.S. traveler’s check, or credit card in person at all locations or online through the full payment option in my.westshore.edu.

To pay in full in person:

  1. Go to the WSCC cashier located in the Schoenherr Campus Center Bookstore.
  2. Pay with cash, check or credit card.

To pay in full online:

  1. Log in to my.westshore.edu
  2. Click the Student tab located at the top of the screen.
  3. Click MYAccount located in the left navigation.  Then click on My Account Balance and finally pay my balance.

 To pay via U.S. Postal Service (do not send cash and include your Student ID # on checks/money orders):

West Shore Community College
Attn: Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 277
Scottville, MI 49454  

Additional Resources

Mason County Promise

The Mason County Promise is a promise to provide scholarships for free tuition to WSCC to graduates in Mason County who:

  • Graduate with a diploma and reside within the boundaries of one of the following three school districts within Mason County (Mason County Central Schools, Mason County Eastern Schools, Ludington Area School District) with a cumulative 2.00 Grade Point Average (GPA) or above; or,
  • Graduate from Gateway to Success Academy with a cumulative 2.00 Grade Point Average or above; or,
  • Obtain a GED and reside within the boundaries of Mason County

To learn more: http://masoncountypromise.org/

Veteran's Benefits

Veterans Educational Benefits are available to veterans, service persons, reservists and spouses or dependents of qualified veterans.  Click here for more information.

Employer or Sponsoring Agency¬†The Business Office can invoice the student’s employer or a state agency if signed authorization is submitted prior to the payment due date or at the time of registration.¬† The student is responsible for tuition and fees not paid by the sponsor.¬† Written authorizations need to be completed each semester.

Unpaid Balances: Students with unpaid balances after the payment deadline, will be dropped from all classes. Exceptions for students NOT to be dropped are students who have:

  • Signed up for the Payment Plan
  • Been awarded adequate student financial aid
  • Submitted the required paperwork for third party tuition payments (overseas combat, Guard tuition, etc.)
  • If financial aid does not cover all tuition costs, the remainder is owed by the Final Payment Deadline of the semester.
  • Any students with an outstanding balance will be prevented from registering for classes, receiving transcripts, etc.
  • Registration for any future semesters will be blocked until unpaid balance is paid in full.
  • Accounts unpaid after the end of the semester may be sent to an outside collection agency.¬†Note:¬†If you¬†register for classes after the payment deadline, all costs must be paid at the time of registration.¬†It is the student’s responsibility for dropping all courses in which they do not plan on attending.


For any questions regarding payment options or financial aid, contact the Office of Student Services at 231-843-5510, the Business Office at 231-845-3315 or 231-843-5876, or the business office via email at businessoffice@westshore.edu.

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