Humankind Series – Dragons Can Be Beaten: Learning from the Literature of the British Isles

This event has expired

West Shore Community College’s Humankind series will present “Dragons Can Be Beaten: Learning from the Literature of the British Isles,” on April 13, at 7 p.m. The online event will be accessible via Zoom at the following link:


During this event, students in WSCC’s course “LIT 151: Topics in Literature: The British Isles” will present their thoughts on how writers from the British Isles have used their writing to slay metaphorical dragons, the sorts of personal demons or real social problems that impact all of us.

“This past semester, my students have been studying the ways writers have used their imaginations to confront monsters, both internal and external,” said Professor of English and Education, Seán Henne, who is the instructor for the course.

“Each student chose a particular author from Great Britain or Ireland to study more in depth, and they will share their discoveries about how writers from across hundreds of years of history have dealt with various monstrous challenges.  In the spirit of the Humankind series, our hope is this presentation is instructive, as citizens of the planet seek to battle free from the pandemic and other global challenges, let’s see what inspiration we can draw from literary artists.”

The students’ presentations will be followed by time for questions and discussion with the audience.

This year, WSCC’s humankind series has been focused on the British Isles countries of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Like all presentations in the series, this event is free and open to everyone.

For more information about the humankind series, visit humankindwscc.org, facebook.com/humankindwscc, or contact humankind@westshore.edu.