West Shore Community College has released its Dean’s List for the 2023 Fall Semester.  Full-time students achieving a semester grade point average of 3.75 or above receive high honors and full-time students with a grade point average between 3.50 and 3.749 receive honors.

Part-time students are eligible for the Dean’s List when their accumulating grade point averages meet the grade requirements of the terms in which they complete 12, 24, 36, 48, and 60 credit hours.

Students named to the WSCC Dean’s List for the 2023 Fall Semester are sorted by county, hometown, and are listed as academic high honors or honors:

Antrim County
Elk Rapids
High Honors – Mary E. Gregorski

Lake County
High Honors – Christopher D. Brien

Honors – Rachel S. Miller

High Honors – Samantha L. Stilson

Manistee County
Bear Lake
High Honors – Grace S. Kidd, Sarah L. King, Kara M. Smith
Honors – William E. Bradford, Jaimey M. Ferguson, Abigail H. Pruyne

High Honors – Alexis M. Shea
Honors – Paige M. Gutowski

High Honors – Brianna S. Smith

High Honors – Jordon M. Zupin, Janee L. Carroll

Filer City
Honors – Amy L. Coyle

High Honors – Kendelyne Z. Schmidt-Stoykovich

High Honors – Sydney M. Bialik, Chelsea Froncek, Justin Jordan, Luke A. Kooy, Julia K. Lapp, Jazlyn R. Madsen, Andrew P. McGaffigan, Danni M. Miles, Kennedy L. Miles, Lauren M. Niedzielski, Alan J. Patterson, Noah Popielarz, Julie K. Richards, Abigail A. Robinson, Stacy D. Schaefer, Zoey L. Smith, William C. Somsel, Jenasie R. Townsend, Avery L. Vaas, Maygan A. Vasquez, Olivia M. Vasquez, Nora E. Winter, Anna L. Wojcik.
Honors – Brenden M. Brady, Taylor M. Briske, Joseph A. Curtiss, Evan Dalke, Keeley M. Jacobs, Nicklaus L. Judkins, Robert C. Laurain, William R. O’Dwyer, Plaine A. Ralph, Kelsey R. Sullivan.

High Honors – Samuel C. Corey, Mia J. Lamerson
Honors – Audriana M. Phillips

Mason County
High Honors – Anna M. Reister, Bronwyn K. Stevens
Honors – Joshua A. Berg

High Honors – Morgen Ahlfeld, Cullen J. Kraus-McCarty, Jordan D. Phillippo, Riley J. Priemer
Honors – Angeleah J. Arnold, Raymond D. Bourdage, Dawn M. Jackomino, Joseph Schaub

Free Soil
High HonorsBethanie J. Wilson
Honors – Leah M. Stickney

High Honors – Mary B. Alway, Abigail R. Ashley, Grace K. Ashley, Charles W. Austin, Jacob R. Austin, Robert J. Battice, Bryce A. Billings, Jesse R. Blanchard, Holly L. Bowen, Kylie L. Copenhaver, Reya S. Dila, Abby M. Fay, Aidan W. Forrester, Tiffany M. Ginter, Rachel A. Huggard, Jack M. Johnson, Allison M. Kettler, William H. Luce, Lucas T. Maloney, Ashlyn E. McKay, Ashley R. McPike, Isaac G. Morgan, Zoe D. Nader, Theresa A. Patrek, Julia S. Reed, Erin C. Reilly, Ultan D. Ryan, Morgan K. Sanocki, Claire E. Shoup, Lillian R. Stauffer, Brooke S. Talsma, Travis Talsma, Benjamin J. Walunas, Levi S. Webster, Alaina L. White.
Honors – Caitlyn J. Crum, Benjamin R. Duran, Isaac C. Duran, Jonah A. Goehmann, Garrett D. Henion, Katelynn M. Karnes, Jada G. Lucas, Rhea L. Maconochie, Karli L. Mesyar, Jillian Mickevich, Nadia M. Mosqueda, Moira M. O’Brien, Christina Seymour, Marci J. Smith, Sawyer D. Smith, Emma L. Teske, Natalee R. Urbon, Delaney R. Williams.

High Honors – Paige Barbrick, Asher R. Johnson, Brooke E. Palmer, Anna J. Roberson, Haley P. Story, Audrey L. Timinskis, Bobbiann J. Wallager.

High Honors – Madison C. Kaiser
Honors – Deanna J. Codman, Haven A. Laubach

Mecosta County
High Honors – Daphney D. Strelow

High Honors – Erika E. Flowers

Muskegon County
High Honors – Catalina J. Stong
Honors – Elizabeth K. Ansuini, April Tomlinson

Norton Shores
High Honors – Tucker A. Chartier

Newaygo County
Honors – Alexis E. Garcia

Honors – Hayley M. Picard

Oceana County
High Honors – Laura Bitely, Annette M. Chimal, Terra L. Cluchey, Cayden C. Gray, Joann L. Hambright, Lauren M. Pretty, Andres Santillan, Tanner C. Soelberg, Shelby M. Stimes, Amelia Tuinstra, Brandon C. VanderZanden, Elizabeth A. Vega
Honors – Ariana N. Hernandez, Mallorie C. Ryder

High Honors – Melody M. Leone

High Honors – Eliana M. Mandarano

High Honors – Andrea M. Carnes

New Era
High Honors – Sean A. Wood

High Honors – Aubriana J. Foster, Alexis Settler, Alexandra L. Swanger, Anna R. VanDuinen
Honors – Grace Gamble, Abigail L. Hughes, Deirdre A. Marshall, Kathryn A. Smith, Jade J. Self

High Honors – Alicia Escoto, Kaitlin M. Harker, Jonathan Millan, Isabel L. Omness, Anahy Ramirez, Ashley C. Ramirez
Honors – Hailey A. Costilla, Justine L. Ledger, Zulema Perez

High Honors – Stacy M. Reynolds, Dakota B. VanDerZanden,
Honors – Josiah N. Walker

Osceola County
High Honors – Amber Landers
Honors – Zachary P. Felty

Honors – Dylan T. Laczko

Honors – Brandon S. Recca

Ottawa County
High Honors – Maxwell J. Slabbekoorn

Grand Haven
Honors – Shannon Huizenga

High Honors – Jarid Lesh

Spring Lake
High Honors – Peter W. Eliopulos, Drew Klassen

Wexford County
High Honors – Chase A. Groh, Dennis P. Kenny

High Honors – Joseph Johnston