The Communications pathway  is designed for students who wish to explore and prepare for a wide range of transfer options.

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Pathways Within the Communications Division

The Communications Division offers many courses that help students develop communications skills that are indispensable for academic success.  The skills you learn in these courses do more than perhaps any other discipline to expand your long‐term employment opportunities in the widest number of fields—including education, law, marketing, medicine, business management, human resources—and many other fields that require strong analytic thinking, problem‐solving, and communication skills.

Within our course offerings, we suggest a few different pathways, or concentrations, to help you start to get focused on a major after you transfer to a four-year college or university.

The Communications Pathway

Students who want writing or speaking to be a central part of their working lives take communications courses in partial fulfillment of a Bachelor’s degree in English. Earning a BA in Communications after two years at West Shore is likely the best goal for students whose career interests include journalism, publishing, broadcasting, marketing, and various kinds of management positions in politics, business, law, and the non-profit sector.  See the recommended selection of courses.

The Literature Pathway

Reading and discussing literature helps us integrate into a very wide cultural matrix, enriching our communications, analytical skills, and personal relationships with others. Through close reading, discussion, analysis, and related writing experiences, students of literature acquire the ability to ask meaningful questions about the human experience and to answer those questions with greater certainty and creativity than those who do not read. Earning a BA in English Literature or Comparative Literature after two years at West Shore is likely the best goal for students whose career interests include game design, teaching, publishing, and educational support enterprises.

The Creative Writing Pathway

If you love to write poetry, fiction, plays, creative non-fiction, and even hypermedia works, then you may want to consider a major in Creative Writing.  The Creative Writing pathway has some of the most intense, workshop-oriented set of courses the college offers, but you will leave here ready to transfer into a baccalaureate creative writing program almost anywhere.  Plus, creative students at West Shore have opportunities to work with or contribute to the College’s literary magazine, Dark Matter.  Additionally, the Communications Division offers a unique writing program, the Big Sable River Writers’ Retreat, a camp experience that combines outdoor activities in the Huron-Manistee National Forest with intensive writing workshop experiences that are guided by both West Shore faculty and visiting faculty.

AA in Digital Literacy

The Communications Division is the proud home of the AA in Digital Literacy degree program, a new, interdisciplinary program that has some of the best transfer and career outcomes of any program at the college.  The “Digi Lit” program offers you a sampling of a variety of communications courses (and other, liberal arts and sciences courses) that are then mixed with specific technological and mathematics courses to enable you to become a multi-faceted, 21st-century communicator.

2 years at West Shore, + 2 years at U of M, earn an average of $69,000 per year!*

Do you think it’s possible? It is—when you become a graduate of West Shore’s AA in Digital Literacy program.

A Complicated Future

The 21st century is marked by complex, ever-changing social and technological systems. As these systems evolve, many traditional career paths will disappear.

But research shows that college graduates with good communication skills, analytical and problem-solving abilities, and an awareness of the multicultural world in which we live will be able to adapt and thrive in the future.

How The AA Digital Literacy Can Help

The AA in Digital Literacy has been carefully designed to give you the skills that will set you apart in today’s knowledge society. With just the right blend of courses, the AA in Digital Literacy degree program will teach you the communication and technological skills that will make your life—and others’ lives—better. And you don’t have to become a computer programmer to do it, if that’s not your thing.

Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

The AA in Digital Literacy program

Take a look at the course curriculum.

Can I Really Get in to The U of M?

Yes. The U of M’s School of Information wants students with a broad liberal arts foundation—and it’s actively recruiting community college students just like you. All you need to be eligible to apply are 54 college credits with a grade of “C” or better, (including three pre-requisite courses in English, math, and introductory computer programming).

Have Questions? Want to Connect? Contact Us!

Call 231-843-5510, or Email digilit@westshore.edu, or Text digilit to 52855 (Depending on your carrier, SMS charges may apply.)

*Not a guarantee of employment. See the U of M’s BSI Employment Outcomes Report for details.

Ready to Apply?

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