Thesis Statements & Organizing Essays


I believe that writing a well organized essay is an important skill associated with college writing and one that can help you get a job one day.  All essays for this class should include an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.  The Introduction also should include a Thesis Statement.  Why do I think this is important for a history class...?  That's a good question.  When applying for a job, employers will ask applicants to write a cover letter.  Studies have shown that it takes seven seconds to make an impression with a cover letter.  You may be the best teacher, engineer, police officer, or speech therapist who is applying for a position, but if you don't look good on paper, chances are, you won't get a job.  That is why I stress writing in a history course.

Some people get caught up by the word "thesis."  I will guess that everyone in our class develops thesis statements on a daily basis.  Below are three simple thesis statements:

A thesis statement is simply taking a stand and expressing one's opinion on a particular subject, whether it's dealing with sports, movies, or historical subjects.  It should clearly preview or state what the essay will eventually prove.  It also should be located at the end of an introduction.

The rest of the essay should include a Body & Conclusion

I hope this helps and good luck on your exam!