A Conversation With Jeff Shaara


During the fall of 2004 I exchanged e-mail messages with Jeff Shaara and we tried to coordinate an interview via ITV.  It never worked out, but when I asked Mr. Shaara about his research, this was his reply,

In my research, I came across one magnificent find- an early bio of Thomas Gage that was virtually non-existent in this country, which contained verbatim letters and documents from his years of service. (I lucked out as well in research The Glorious Cause- I found the only copy offered in this country of a book of Cornwallis' letters). Since Hutchinson was Royal Governor of Massachusetts, there is a pretty good archive of his material around, as was also the case with William Franklin. Ben Franklin and Adams were comparatively easy, and the letters between John and Abigail were not only a marvelous chronicle of the time, but of course, a love story as well. The only license I took was that often, the face to face conversations between them in my book were taken from their letters. (It made much more sense to tell that part of the story from a more intimate point of view, instead of "he said - she said").


Jeff Shaara, email message to Mike Nagle, October 11, 2004.