Study Guide for Mid-term Exam #2

Exam Date:  11/10

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Power point Presentations

Key Terms
Rome:  From Republic to Empire
(500 BC-14 AD)
Roman Life and Christianity
(100 BC-400 AD)
Rome's Rise
  • Origins/Geography
  • Politics
  • /Government
    • Consul
    • Roman Constitution
  • Why Success? 
  • Roman Conquest 
  • Roman Citizenship 
  • Military Power 
    • Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) 
Octavian/Augustus (63 BC-14 AD)
  • Rise 
  • Pax Romana 
    • Dole 
Roman Life
  • Homes
    • Domus
    • Larium
    • Insulae
  • Paterfamilia
  • Religion
  • Fun
    • Circus Maximus
    • Colosseum
    • Public Baths
  • Slavery
    • Spartacus
  • Rise
  • Spread 
    • Paul of Tarsus
    • Koine
  • Persecution

Rome's Decline/Fall & Byzantines


Islam & Crusades
  • Emperors
    • Diocletian (r. 284-305)
    • Constantine (r. 306-337)
    • Theodosius (r. 379-395)
    • Council of Nicaea
  • Why Decline/Fall?
    • Barbarians/Military
    • Economic/Social
      • Bread/Circus
    • Administrative
  • Fall of Rome:  476 AD
  • Byzantines
    • Justinian
    • Code of Justinian


  • Islam
    • Arab World
    • Muhammad
      • Koran
      • 5 Pillars of Islam
    • Expansion of Islam
  • Two Popes

    • Gregory VII

    • Pope Urban II

  • Crusades (1100-1200)

    • 1st Crusade (1096-1099)
    • 2nd Crusade (1147-1149)
    • 3rd Crusade (1189-1192)
  • Why?
  • What?
    • Indulgencies




 One of the following will be asked as a Short Answer question:

  1. List & explain the Five Pillars of Islam.
  2. What were the three major provisions of the Nicene Creed.
  3. Describe three examples of the way in which Pope Gregory VII asserted the power of the Pope


Dates to know:

Rough Time Period 
Unification of Italy under Rome 300-250 BC 
Reign of Constantine 300-340 AD
Council of Nicaea 325 AD
Fall of Rome 475 AD
Reign of Justinian 500s AD
Birth of Muhammad 570 AD
Pope Gregory VII 1000-1100 AD
Era of Crusades 1100-1200 AD


These are the possible essay questions for the exam. One will be chosen at random the day of the exam for you to write on.

    1. The Roman Republic, and the later Empire, has had a major influence on the history of Western Civilizations.  What was the basis of the Republic’s government?  How/why were the Romans able to successfully expand their territory beyond the city of Rome itself?  Overall, what do you believe to be the single most important characteristic of the Roman Republic or Empire that has influenced the history of Western Civilizations?  Explain.
    2. Compare and contrast the actions and accomplishments of three of the following four Roman or Byzantine leaders:  Augustus (also known as Octavian), Diocletian, Constantine, or Justinian.  Which single ruler do you believe had the biggest impact on the history of Western Civilizations?What made this person so influential?  Explain.
    3. Assume you are a 60 year old Christian living in Rome about 350 AD.  Describe your life.  What do you and other Romans do for fun?  What is family life like for you and others? How have things changed for you, and others living under rule of the Romans, in recent years? (Hint:  Make sure to describe life for you as a Christian, but don't simply restrict your essay to describing conditions for Christians; make sure to describe life for non-Christians as well.  Also, compare life for citizens/slaves and men/women.).


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