Western Civilizations 1600-Present, Spring 2010


Web Assignment:  Napoleon & Industrial Revolution; No Class 3/4:   Assignment Due 3/9


From Mike Nagle’s Homepage (http://www.westshore.edu/personal/MWNagle/)

·        Scroll down and click on Western Civilizations 1600-Present

·        Scroll down and click on Links for Western Civilizations

·        Click on Napoleon/Industrial Revolution

·        Then click on each of the “hotlinks,” read each selection and answer the questions


On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions.  I would prefer this be typed, but it is ok to hand-write this, but please use complete sentences.


1. Literature about Napoleon

·        How do the Comte d’ Antraigues and Doctor Corvisart describe Napoleon?


2. Famous sayings (maxims) of Napoleon

·        Choose two "Maxims” and write them out (or paraphrase them).  What do you think he meant by these "maxims?"  (There are several good quotations dealing with love and the family).  How does this provide a new insight into his character?  Explain.


3. English Gentlemen

·        What are the qualities of a proper English Gentleman? 


4. Etiquette for the ballroom

·        What is the proper etiquette for men and women when they attend a ball? 


5. Sadler Committee

·        Summarize the testimony given by:  Joshua Drake, Matthew Crabtree and Elizabeth Bentley.   Focus on the following areas-What were working conditions like?  How were boys/girls treated differently/similarly?


6. Physical Deterioration of Textile Workers & Cotton Manufacturers on Hours of Labor

·        How did long hours working in factories impact the health and appearance of adult and child laborers?

·        How many hours per week did people work in cotton manufacturer’s textile factories?


7. Florence Nightingale

·        Who was Florence Nightingale?  How did she describe the living conditions and hygiene of people living in rural communities?  What were the biggest problems they faced?


8. Charles Ball

·        How does Charles Ball describe life on a tobacco plantation?  How were slaves treated by their overseers?  How did this differ from the treatment received from their owners & the plantation mistress?


9. Jacob Stroyer—scroll down a bit once you come to this hyperlink

·        What were living conditions like for slave families?


10. Harriet Jacobs

·        How does Jacobs describe the conditions faced by female slaves in regards to their male masters?  How did plantation mistresses react?  What would happen if “God bestowed beauty on her (female slave)?


·        Based on these documents and other research you may have done, answer the following question.  Which group do you believe faced worse conditions; slaves in the US or factory workers in England?  Explain.