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Section I: Matching

Napoleon: Reformer or Conqueror?
Industrial Revolution 
  • Reformer 
    • Rise to Power 
      • "The Man" 
    • Popular Reforms 
      • Plebiscite 
      • Concordat 
      • Napoleonic Code 
        • Lycées
    • Limits 
  • Conqueror 
    • Empire 
      • Draft 
        • Conscription 
      • Russian Invasion 
    • Coalition vs. France 
    • Fall 
  • Legacy...? 
  • Early Industry 
    • Cottage Industry 
      • Women's Roles 
    • Guilds 
  • Population 
    • Explosion 
    • Why? 
      • Agricultural Revolution 
        • Jethro Tull 
        • Charles Townsend 
  • Factory System 
    • British Advantages 
    • Positives 
    • Negatives 
  • Responses 
    • English Workers
      • Chartists 
        • William Lovett 
    • Socialism
      • Communist Manifesto 
        • Marx/Engels 

    Rise of Nation-States/Imperialism
    World War One 
    • Nation-States 
      • Background
      • Italy
        • Cavour
        • Garibaldi
      • Germany's Rise
        • Kaiser William I 
        • Bismarck 
        • Franco-Prussian War 
    • Imperialism 
      • Africa/Asia divided 
      • US Imperialism 
  • Why? 
    • Long-Term Causes
      • Germany/Italy's Rise 
        • Alliance System
      • Arms Race 
      • Nationalism 

    • Spark 
      • Francis Ferdinand's Assassination 
    • Allied Powers
    • Central Powers
  • War (1914-1918)
    • Battlefront
      • Technology
      • US
    • Home-front 
    • End & Results



    Section II: Short Answer

    Section III. Time Periods

    Rough Time Period
    Napoleon in Power 1800-1815
    Concordat 1800-1815
    Napoleonic Code 1800-1815
    Chartists 1830s-40s
    Publication of Communist Manifesto 1850
    Franco-Prussian War 1870s
    World War One 1910-1920

      Section IV: ESSAY

    These are the possible questions for the second mid-term. One will be chosen for you on your exam.

      1. Napoleon Bonaparte’s actions had a major impact on European history. Describe and evaluate some of his accomplishments/failures as a reformer and conqueror. Overall, do you think Napoleon's legacy was positive or negative for the people of France and Europe? Explain.
      2. What events/factors influenced the start of the Industrial Revolution? Where did it begin? Why did it begin there? What were some positives and negatives associated with the industrialization of Europe? Overall, do you think the positive changes brought about by industrialization outweighed the negatives? Why/why not.
      3. Assume you are a factory worker living in England in the mid-1800s. How has the Industrial Revolution changed the way you, and others, live? What are working conditions like for you? What are your living conditions like?  How do your experiences compare to others? In what ways have you, and others, responded to the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution?
      4. Write an essay that describes and evaluates the causes of WWI and its impact on Europe.   What were some long-term causes? What was the final "spark" that led to the start of war? How did the war impact the home-front?  Overall, what was the most important result/impact of the war on Europe?  Explain.
    *Make sure to use specific examples from lectures, documents, discussions, films, web assignments and readings to support your arguments.

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