This page contains links to many different sites.  As you look
at each site hopefully you will learn a little more about the French
Revolution and the Age of Napoleon.
1. Here is a good place to start. This is a short essay that describes some of the main events of the French Revolution and why they came about.
Click here for the Hartman Essay

2. This is another good place to start.  This site will provide the definitions of several different terms associated with the French Revolution.

Click here for Glossary

3. Robespierre played an important role in shaping the Reign of Terror.  Click on this link to find information on him.

Click here for Robespierre
4. Women were also concerned about their place in Revolutionary France.  This site will provide information about the Declaration of the Rights of Women.
Declaration of the Rights of Women
5. The last two specific sites that I have included provide information about Napoleon.  Try these and see what you can find.
Literature about Napoleon
Famous sayings of Napoleon
6.  This site doesn't deal with the French Revolution, but it provides some insight into life for "Gentlemen."
English Gentlemen

7. For more information about France, Napoleon, or the French Revolution, try these sites.

 Modern History Sources
 French History
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