Obama, Clinton, Sanders

Reagan; W. Bush; Trump, Carson, Jeb Bush

Role of Government

ACTIVIST:Government should help people; Obama-Care; WIC, food stamps, Head Start; free CC & expand financial aid for college; raise taxes for rich; min wage ↑

SMALL GOVERNMENT: Get the government off the people's back (lower taxes)-Obama-Care too costly & big govt; people should rely on themselves; fewer regulations; no tax increase; min wage ↓--


In most (nearly all) cases it should be a legal option

In most (nearly all) cases it should be illegal

Gay Rights

Support equal treatment for homosexuals & hate crime laws; ended “Don’t ask don’t tell” in military; support gay marriage

Support traditional family values; support constitutional amendment to ban  gay marriage

Civil Rights/Women's rights

Support Equality-The government isn't doing enough to protect people's rights; the civil rights movement hasn't gone far enough; more government involvement is needed

Support Equality- Affirmative Action has gone too far-it creates more problems than it solves

Sexual harassment cases have gone too far; get the government out

Solution for the problem of crime

Stress prevention (NO: on mandatory minimums); eliminate the factors (like poverty/drug addiction) that influence people to become criminals

Set tougher punishments (YES:  on mandatory minimums); longer sentences lower and deter crime; more likely to support death penalty


Gun Control

Support additional regulations on gun ownership

Resist additional regulations on gun ownership

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