The People’s Choice


Chapter Summary


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Chapter 21


·        A description of the media (newspapers) in the era of the founding fathers is included, followed by members of the modern media (primarily radio talk-show hosts) who raise many questions concerning the Electoral College and what the Republican Party should do.


Chapter 22


·        Preparations are being made at a hotel for the upcoming Republican National Committee meeting.  The VP-elect’s advisors are going over a list of who should be named as the new VP.


Chapter 23


·        Dorothy Ledger arrives at the hotel (where the Republican National Committee Meeting will be held) and meets some other electors.  She wonders what options she has as an elector; does she have to vote for the VP-elect for President?


Chapter 24


·        Dorothy continues to meet with several people at the hotel as to what they should do.  She meets with several people to discuss options.


Chapter 25


·        The VP-elect announced his choice to become his VP.  Members of the media are frustrated by the lack of leaks.  We learn a bit about his background.  Dorothy is not happy with this choice.


Chapter 26


·        At the Republican National Committee Meeting Dorothy surprises everyone by raising a point of order and asking why she should support what the Republican Party is doing (they’re ready to elevate the VP-elect to President-elect and choosing a new person to serve as VP in the upcoming administration).  Her actions lead to complete chaos.


Chapter 27


·        Despite Dorothy Ledger’s actions, the Republican National Committee goes through with its goals (described above).  However, they wonder if they will have enough electoral votes to win the presidency.


Chapter 28


·        We’re back to Al DeRossa who moderates a discussion between two Political Science Professors who try to determine what might end up happening.  The bottom line is that no one knows as the two discuss several possible scenarios.


Chapter 29


·        A college student working as a waiter at a hotel notices Dorothy Ledger is in a hotel room at his hotel.


Chapter 30


·        The team of Republican advisors is trying to settle things down, but then a news anchor interviews Dorothy Ledger.


Chapter 31


·        Jack Petitcon meets with the campaign manager of the Democratic Candidate for President who had just lost the election.  Following a long “history lesson” Petitcon infers that the Democratic candidate might just be able to win the election after all since the Electoral College has yet to vote.


Chapter 32


·        A former Senator goes on TV and tries to encourage the members of the Electoral College to vote for one of the Presidential candidates over the other.


Chapter 33


·        Members of the news media are still trying to figure out what is going on.  We learn:

o   The state legislature from each state has the power to decide how electors are chosen.

o   The US Congress has the power to determine how the electoral votes are counted.


Chapter 34


·        Dorothy Ledger still isn’t sure what to do.  There are a lot of rumors about her going around and she is “hiding out” while communicating with people via the internet.

Chapter 35


·        The nation is facing a major crisis.  This leads to crazy confrontations with people all over the US.  Political advisors don’t know what to do.


Chapter 36


·        Congress attempts to pass a law in with the goal of forcing Electors to vote for the person for whom they pledged their votes.  But then…


Chapter 37


·        Electors appear to welcome bribes in return for their votes.  Members of the media don’t know how to “shape” the story and are ready to buckle under the stress.  Political advisors are ready to put any kind of pressure possible on the electors to vote for “their” candidate.


Chapter 38


·        Dorothy Ledger is still trying to figure out what to do.


Chapter 39


·        The media is trying to prepare for MANY possible outcomes.  No one is sure what will happen—a list of possibilities is discussed.   Essentially, everyone is confused.  Dorothy is still wondering what to do,


Chapter 40


·        Agents of some sort (it’s unclear) find Dorothy Ledger and try to pressure her and arrest her.  She’s helped out and does not have to leave with the authorities.


Chapter 41


·        Jack Petitcon meets with Sharon Kramer & Marsh.  He’s plotting something….


Chapter 42


·        Several college students are brought in to be “extras” at the news studio.  The news producer is very stressed out.

·        Dorothy Ledger has been communicating with Electors all over the US and developed a plan.


Chapter 43


·        It is complete CHAOS on the day the members of the Electoral College are set to vote.  Many Electors vote for candidates they are NOT pledged to support.  This is particularly true for many black electors.  Some sort of a deal was put into place behind the scenes.


Chapter 44


·        The results are in from the Electoral vote.  Due to the “backroom deals” it appears as if there will be a lot of “payback” to the people who gave their support for the man who received the most electoral votes.

·        Al DeRossa and Sharon Kramer talk.


Chapter 45


·        I think you can take care of this yourself.