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 Monday/Wednesday Class:  11/10

Wednesday Night Class:  11/3

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Liberal Democrats vs. Conservative Republicans-updated (10/19/10)



Power point Lectures




Federalism & Public Opinion

  • Federalism
    • What & Why?
  • Constitutional Basis For:
    • Strong National Government
      • "Necessary & Proper"
      • Supremacy Clause
    • States Rights
      • 10th Amendment
    • State to State Relations
      • Full Faith & Credit Clause
  • 20th Century
    • New Deal
      • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    • Elections
  • Public Opinion & Elections
    • Exit Polls

·        2008 Presidential Election



Interest Groups & Lobbying

·         Interest Groups

    • Types
      • Public
        • NRA
      • Private
        • AARP
    • Tactics
      • Direct Lobbying
      • Indirect Lobbying
        • Telephone Tree
        • Mailings
        • Civil Disobedience
      • $$$

§  PACs

      • EMILY's List
      • Limits
        • McCain/Feingold
        • Loopholes 
        • 527 Accounts
        • Citizens United
      • Negative Spending


These items were not covered in lecture, but are found in the text and could be the basis
of one or more multiple choice questions:



  • Economic Liberal
  • Economic Conservative
  • Social Liberal
  • Social Conservative
  • Libertarian

·         Proportional Representation

·         Hard Money

·         Soft Money

·         Split Ticket



·        There could be some questions concerning the film “Recount"


These are the possible essay questions for the exam.  One will be chosen for you on your exam. 


  1. Describe and evaluate the primary issues associated with Federalism in the United States.  What is Federalism?  What is the constitutional basis for it?  Overall, do you think the way Federalism is established maintains a proper balance between the powers of the states and the national government?  Why/why not? 
  2. In general, conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats disagree on many political issues.  Describe how each Party addresses the issue of the “Role of the Government.”  Choose three additional issues discussed in class and describe them.  Where do conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats stand on those issues?  Of the two, which set of views do you agree with the most?  Explain.
  3. Write an essay that describes and evaluates some of the actions and impacts of Interest Groups.  What are the different types of interest groups?  What tactics do they use to influence legislation and governmental policies?  Overall, do you think they have a positive or negative impact on the American political system?  Explain.  (Hint:  Do they make the government more responsive to the people?  Are their interests too narrow, etc...?)




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