Exam Dates:

Monday/Wednesday Class:  10/6

Wednesday Night Class:  10/6


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Good luck on the exam!

Reminder:    The exam is closed note & closed book.  I would encourage people to write out their essay answers as you study in the days before the

                   exam, however, no notes will be allowed during the exam itself.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  Good luck!





Format The test will have two sections.  There will be 20 multiple choice questions that will make up 40 of the points on the test.  There will also be an essay question for the other 60 points on the test. 
Key Terms/Ideas
Origins of the Constitution
Constitution Continued
  • First Constitution
    • Articles of Confederation
      • Problems
  •  Constitutional Convention
    • Background
      • Republic
    • Who?
    • Controversy & Compromise
      1. Representation/Congress
        • Virginia Plan
          • James Madison
        • Great Compromise
          • Ben Franklin
      2. Slavery
        • 3/5 Compromise
      3. Presidential/Electoral Compromise
        • Electoral College
  • Separation of Powers/Checks & Balances (see below)
    • Impeachment/Removal Process
  • Amendment Process
    • ERA

Key Terms/Ideas
Civil Rights


(if the question over Civil Rights is picked for the essay)


  • Amendments
    • 13th-no slavery
    • 14th-citizenship/equal treatment
    • 15th-black male vote
  • Segregation & Responses
    • Legal Basis
      • Plessy vs. Ferguson
      • Jim Crow
      • Idlewild
    • Fighting Back
    • & Successes
      • Brown Decision
        • Earl Warren
        • Thurgood Marshall
      • Bus Boycott
      • Sit-ins
      • 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Women
    • Vote 
      • 19th Amendment
    • Jobs
      • 1964 Civil Rights Act
    • Title IX

What were some important Accomplishments...?

  • Brown Decision
  • 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • 19th Amendment
  • Title IX

Civil War Amendments

  • 13th-no slavery
  • 14th-citizenship & equal treatment
  • 15th-black male vote


Bill of Rights:  Key Amendments

(First 10 Amendments to the Constitution)

These are just listed in case the essay question over the Bill  of Rights is chosen.

  • Amendment #1 = Five Freedoms
    • Establishment Clause
    • Free Exercise Clause
  • Amendment #2
  • Due Process
    • Amendment #4
    • Amendment #5
    • Amendment #6
    • Amendment #8

These items were not covered in lecture, but are found in the text and could be the basis of one or more multiple choice questions:


Key Terms

  • Shays's Rebellion
  • Federalists
  • Anti-Federalists
  • Exclusionary Rule
  • Griswold vs. Connecticut
  • Cesar Chavez


Separation of Powers/Checks and Balances
(This is the same as the information from class)
What? Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch
Who? President and administrative staff House of Representatives, Senate (Congress) Supreme Court, 
Federal Courts
Job Enforces laws  Writes laws Interprets laws
Check Nominates Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges Senate confirms or rejects Judicial nominations  Can declare Presidential or Congressional actions to be unconstitutional
Check Can propose laws Writes & Passes laws Can declare 
laws to be unconstitutional
Check Can veto laws passed by Congress Can override presidential veto
Check Commander in chief of armed forces Has sole authority to declare war 
Check Can impeach and remove President, Federal judges, or Supreme Court Justices Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over Presidential impeachment trial 




ONE  essay question below will be chosen the day of the exam at random.  You will have to write an essay that answers the question that is chosen.  It will be worth 60 points.  The answer must be well organized and well written.  The exam will also consist of twenty multiple choice questions.  Make sure to include information from lectures, readings, discussions, or other sources discussed in class.  If you are sick or cannot take the exam on this date, call me prior to or the day of the exam to let me know why you have to miss it in order to be able to take a make-up test.  Make sure to bring a blue or black ink pen.

    1. Compromise of ideas has played an important role in United States political history. What were three controversies at the Constitutional Convention and how were they resolved through compromise?  Overall, which compromise reached during the Constitutional Convention do you believe to be the most important?  Explain.
    2. Write an essay that describes and evaluates (in detail) the system of Separation of Powers/Checks & Balances.  Overall, do you think it effectively protects the people's freedom and liberty?  Why/why not?
    3. Describe & evaluate the major issues surrounding the protection of Civil Rights & the Civil Rights Movement.  (Hint-the essay should answer these questions:  What was segregation and its legal basis?  In what ways did leaders fight back and achieve accomplishments to secure more equal treatment based on race & sex?  Overall, which single accomplishment do you believe was most important in protecting the rights of all Americans?  Explain.)
    4. Choose any three amendments included in the Bill of Rights.  Rewrite them in "modern" language & explain the rights protected in each.  How has each been interpreted by the Court system?  Overall, of the three you've chosen, which do you believe to be the single most important amendment?  Explain.



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