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Instructions for taking Exam #2:

LecturePoint Lectures Which Are Part Of This Exam

 Section 1.   KEY TERMS


Progressive Era


World War One 


  • Background
    • Three "Wings"
    • Journalists
      • Muckrakers
      • Upton Sinclair
  • State Level
    • Jane Addams
    • Robert LaFollette
    • Hull House & Wisconsin Idea
  • National Level-President
    • Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09)
      • United Mine Workers
      • Northern Securities Case
      • The Jungle (Upton Sinclair)
        • Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)
  • Others & Amendments
    • William H. Taft
    • Woodrow Wilson
    • 16th Amendment
    • 17th Amendment
    • 19th Amendment


  • WWI (1914/17-18)
    • Battlefront
    • Origins
      • Woodrow Wilson (1913-21)
        • Lusitania
        • Zimmerman Telegram
    • US & War
    • At Home
      • Big Government
        • Selective Service Act
        • William McAdo
        • Committee For Public Information
      • Economy
      • Society
        • Race Relations & Women
        • Patriotism
        • Anti-German Hysteria




Depression/New Deal

  • Roaring
    • Business
      • Consumer Economy
    • Fun & Heroes
      • Charles Lindbergh
    • Women
      • "Flapper"
  • Politics
    • Teapot Dome
  • "Other" Side
    • Farmers
      • McNary/Haugan
    • Nativism
      • National Origins Act
      • KKK
  • Great Depression
    • General Conditions
      • Statistics & Stocks
      • Dust Bowl
    • Reactions
      • Bonus March
  • New Deal
    • FDR-“The Man”
    • Recovery
      • Emergency Bank Act
      • AAA
      • TVA
    • Relief
      • WPA
      • CCC
    • Challengers
      • Francis Townsend
      • Huey Long
    • Reform
      • SEC
      • FDIC
      • SSA
  • Legacy



Section 2:  Textbook


Section 3:   ESSAY

Possible essay questions for the second mid-term exam:  You may choose any two of the four questions below to answer.  It's your choice.

  1. Describe & evaluate the contributions of the Progressive Movement.  What was this movement?  Who were some leaders at the state & national level?  What were their accomplishments?  Overall, what do you believe to be the single most important result of this movement for the nation?  Explain.
  2. United States involvement in World War One had a major impact on the country.  Briefly trace the events that led the United States to become involved in the war.  How did the war impact the government, society, and the economy of the United States?  Overall, were the changes that took place positive or negative?  Explain.
  3. A journalist recently made this comment :  "The decade of the 1920s was a "roaring" time for all in the nation.  Every segments of American society was characterized by tremendous economic prosperity as the nation left World War One behind.  There was tremendous unity among the American people as the great American "melting pot" was celebrated by all.  Politicians were also seen as heroes by the American people in this decade of "heroes" nationally."  Write an essay which describes life in the United States during this decade.  Overall, do you agree or disagree with the arguments put forth by this journalist?  Why/why not?
  4. Write an essay that describes and evaluates the New Deal and its impact on United States history.  Describe the major pieces of legislation that were part of the New Deal.  How did challengers impact Roosevelt’s ideas?  Overall, do you believe the New Deal and its legacy had a positive or negative impact on the history of the United States?  Explain.