Web Assignment #1:  Slavery & Women’s Rights, Fall 2006


No Class Meeting:  10/19

Assignment Due: 10/24


To complete this assignment, visit my homepage (http://home.westshore.cc.mi.us/mwnagle/) and then the US History Up to 1865.  Once there, follow the prompts to US History links and then to Links about Slavery.  On a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions in your own words.  It is ok to hand-write this, but I would prefer if it were typed.  Make sure to use complete sentences.


1.     Josiah Henson


·        What kind of food was common for slaves?  How does Henson describe the homes in which they lived?


2.     Charles Ball


·        What was the regimen for slaves working on tobacco plantations?  Which time period(s) would require the hardest/most intense hours of labor? 


3.     Harriet Jacobs


·        What specific concerns did female slave have to face, according to Jacobs?  How did that impact her growing up?


4.     James Martin


·        What were slave auctions like?  How were slaves treated and dehumanized?


5.     Laura Spicer


·        How did slavery impact slave families?  Should Laura Spicer's husband be criticized for remarrying?  Why/why not?


6.     Harriet Tubman


·        Who was Harriet Tubman?  What were some events in her early life that shaped her life as an adult?  How would she work to help slaves obtain their freedom?


7.     John W. Monette


·        Monette, and others, defended the institution of slavery and even the brutal treatment of slaves.  What were some examples of methods used to “manage” their slaves?  What did they try to instill in the slaves in order to control them?


8.     Declaration of Sentiments


·        Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote this document and it outlined the primary factors that established male tyranny over women in the 1840s.  What was her model for the “Declaration of Sentiments?”  Choose four obstacles facing women as outlined by Stanton and describe them.  Which obstacle do you believe had the biggest impact of preventing equality between the sexes?  Explain.