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A note about the exam: there is a time limit of 30 minutes for the multiple choice segment of the exam.  It also must be COMPLETED by 11:00 PM on the date it's due or it will not be available.  There is no time limit for the essay.  

Instructions For Taking Exam #4

LecturePoint Lectures Which Are Part Of This Exam

Travel West & Old South
  • Traveling West
    • Why? 
      • Religion
        • Mormons
        • Joseph Smith
        • Brigham Young
      • Land 
        • Donation Land Claim Act
      • Gold
        • California Gold Rush
    • How?
      • Sea
      • Land
        • Oregon Trail
  • Slavery
    • Spread
    • Slave Life
      • Nat Turner Rebellion
  • Southern Society
    • Justifying Slavery
      • Biblical
      • Historical
      • Social
        • Paternalism
        • George Fitzhugh
    • Structure (Pyramid)
      • Small Farmers

Impending Crisis
(1850 - 1861)
Civil War


  • Controversies in 1850
    • Free Soil
    • Wilmot Proviso
    • Popular Sovereignty 
    • Compromise of 1850
      • Henry Clay
      • Stephen Douglas
  • Crises
    • Fugitive Slave Law
    • Uncle Tom's Cabin
      • Harriet Beecher Stowe
    • Kansas & Nebraska
      • Kansas/Nebraska Act
      • Bleeding Kansas
    • Dred Scott
      • Background
      • Decision
    • Lincoln/Douglas Debate
      • Freeport Doctrine
    • Harper's Ferry
      • John Brown's Raid
    • 1860 Election
      • Candidates
      • Results
  • Lincoln's Dilemma
    • Secession
    • Border States
    • Confederate States of America
      • Jefferson Davis
  • Opposing Sides & Strategies
    • King Cotton
  • Early War (1861-62)
    • East & West  
      • Bull Run/Manassas
      • Sharpsburg/Antietam
    • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Civil War Soldiers
    • Draft & Riots
    • Life for Soldiers
  • War Continues (1863-65)
    • East & West
      • Gettysburg
      • Vicksburg
    • The End
      • Sherman's March
      • Appomattox Courthouse



Terms From The Textbook (Chapters 13, 14, 15)



Possible essay questions for Exam #4:  You may chose any two of the four questions below to answer.  It's your choice.

  1. Write an essay the describes & evaluates travel to the American West between 1840-1860.  Describe the major motivations why people traveled West.   What was the journey like for those who traveled?  Overall, what do you believe was the most important motivation for traveling to the West?  Explain.
  2. Assume you are living in the South, but you are not a slave holder, in 1861.  Write a letter to your distant cousin living in New York describing to him/her the reasons why you want to fight against the North in the Civil War.  (Hint:  Why do you want to put your life on the line, even though you don't own slaves?  Describe two events/crises, in detail, that have taken place after 1850 that have prompted you and other Southerners to support war.)  Overall, what is the most important reason why you and other Southerners support war?  Explain.
  3. Several crises took place in the 1850s that eventually culminated in the Civil War.  Write an essay that describes and evaluates, each of the following crises:  Fugitive Slave Law, Dred Scott Decision, and John Brown’s Raid.  Overall, which of these crises had the biggest impact on the cause of the Civil War?   Explain.
  4. Compare & contrast the opposing sides & strategies put in place by both the North and South during the Civil War.  How was the draft implemented, and received by citizens, in both the North & South?  Overall, how effective was the South's strategy of "King Cotton" to help them win the war?  Explain.
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