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Camptasia Recordings of Class Lectures


Power Point Presentations

Key Terms

Westward Expansion
Travel West & Southern Society
  • Texas
    • Early Settlement
      • Mexican Colonization Law
        • Texans
      • Stephen Austin
        • Empressario
      • Santa Anna
    • Texas War for Independence (1835-36)
      • The Alamo
      • Sam Houston
    • Lone Star Republic (1836-45)
  • Manifest Destiny
    • Polk & Texas
  • Oregon
    • "Joint Occupation"
    • Manifest Destiny
    • James K. Polk
      • "54 40 or Fight"
    • Oregon Treaty (1846)
  • California/Southwest
    • Background
      • Texas Annexation
    • Mexican War (1846-48)
      • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Why? 
    • Religion
      • Mormons
      • Joseph Smith
      • Brigham Young
    • Land 
      • Donation Land Claim Act
    • Gold
      • California Gold Rush
  • How?
    • Sea
    • Land
      • Oregon Trail
  • Justifying Slavery
    • Biblical
    • Historical
    • Social
      • Paternalism
  • Southern Society
    • Structure (Pyramid)
    • Small Farmer Model

Impending Crisis
Impending Crisis & Civil War
  • Road to War
    • Controversies
      • Free Soiler
      • Popular Sovereignty 
    • Compromise of 1850
      • Henry Clay
      • Stephen Douglas
  • Crises
    • Fugitive Slave Law
    • Uncle Tom's Cabin
      • Harriet Beecher Stowe
      • Abolitionists
    • Kansas/Nebraska Act
      • Bleeding Kansas
        • John Brown
  • Crises (Cont.)
    • Dred Scott Decision
    • Brooks vs. Sumner
    • John Brown's Raid
      • Harpers Ferry, VA
    • 1860 Election
      • Candidates
      • Results
  • Civil War (1861-1865)
    • Ft. Sumter
      • Border States
    • After...
      • Emancipation Proclamation

Time Period
Texas War for Independence 1830s
Oregon Treaty 1840s
Brigham Young begins to lead Mormon believers to Utah 1840
Mexican War 1840s
Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin 1850s
Bleeding Kansas 1850s
John Brown's Raid  1850s
Exact dates for the Civil War 1861-1865


A List of the Crises Following Compromise of 1850:





Fill-ins/Short Answer

One of the following two questions will be on the exam:

  1. What were the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
  2. What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850?




These are the essay questions for the final exam. ONE will be chosen the day of the exam at random and you will write the essay in a blue book.

  1. Several crises took place in the 1850s that eventually culminated in the Civil War.  Write an essay that describes and evaluates, each of the following crises in detail:  Fugitive Slave Law, Dred Scott Decision, and John Brown’s Raid.  Overall, which of these crises had the biggest impact on the cause of the Civil War?   Explain.
  2. During the 1850s a series of crises occurred in the United States that eventually culminated in the Civil War.  Choose three of what you believe to be the most important crises (as discussed in class) and explain them in detail.  Which single crisis had the biggest impact on the cause of the Civil War?  Why was this event so crucial?
  3. Assume you are living in the South, but you are not a slave holder, in 1861.  Write a letter to your distant cousin living in New York describing to him/her the reasons why you want to fight against the North in the Civil War.  (Hint:  Why do you want to put your life on the line, even though you don't own slaves?  Also, describe two events/crises, in detail, that have taken place after 1850 that have prompted you and other Southerners to support war.)  Overall, what is the most important reason why you and other Southerners support war?  Explain.
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