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Section I:    Key Terms

Michigan's First Inhabitants
French Exploration & Fur Trade
  • Origins
    • Bering Land Bridge
  • Huron (Wyandot)
    • Society
    • Economy
  • Ottawa
  • Potawatomi
  • Chippewa (Ojibwa)
  • European Contact
    • Disease
      • Virgin Soil Epidemic
      • Pandemic
  • Why? 
    • Gold
    • God
  • First Steps
    • Cartier
    • Champlain ("Father" of New France)
      • Quebec
    • Etienne Brule
  • Interaction & Fur Trade
    • Disease
    • "Middle Ground"
      • Violence & Justice
      • Sex & Marriage

Key Terms/Ideas 
French/English Rivalry
Michigan & Early US
  • Missionaries
    • Fr. Pere Marquette
      • St. Ignace
  • Other Explorers
    • La Salle
      • Mississippi & Louisiana (1680s)
    • Cadillac
      • Detroit (1701)
    • Ft. Michilimackinac
  • English 
  • French/Indian War (1754-1763)
    • Background
    • War
    • Results
      • Pontiac's War (1763)
        • Pontiac
        • Attack on Fort Detroit
        • Attack on Fort Michilimackinac
  • American Revolution
  • Michigan "Old Northwest"
    • Land Ordinances
      • Ordinance of 1785
      • Northwest Ordinance
  • Clashes with Indians
    • Treaty-Making
    • Resistance
      • Little Turtle
      • Anthony Wayne
      • Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794)
      • Treaty of Greenville (1795)

War of 1812 & Statehood
  • War of 1812
    • Why?
      • Tecumseh
      • The Prophet
    • Michigan & War
    • Results
  • Toward Statehood
    • Background
      • Lewis Cass
    • Toledo War
      • Stevens T. Mason
    • Results
    • Death Penalty
    • Patrick Fitzpatrick


    Section II:    Dates/Time Periods

    Date/Rough Time Period
    Cartier's Exploration 1500-1550
    Champlain in "New France" 1600-1630
    Mission at St. Ignace established by Pere Marquette 1670s
    Detroit settled by French 1700-1710
    French/Indian War 1750s or 1760s
    Northwest Ordinance is passed 1780s
    Michigan Statehood 1830s

    Section III:  Short Answer


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    Section IV:  Essay

    One of these questions will be chosen at random the day of the exam.

    1. Assume you are a member of the Huron confederacy in the years before European contact.  Describe your lifestyle and culture.  How is your society organized?  What is the basis of your economy?  Compare life for you to life for the Ottawa and Chippewa.  How is life different; how is it similar?
    2. Write an essay that describes and evaluates interaction between Indians and the French from the early 1600s to 1750 in the Great Lakes region.  The essay should focus on these topics:  Disease, Missionaries, Fur Trade, and the "Middle Ground."  Overall, do you believe the interaction between the two groups was positive or negative?  Explain.
    3. Compare and contrast the actions and accomplishments of the following individuals who influenced the history of Michigan:  Pere Marquette, Anthony Wayne, Lewis Cass, and Stevens T. Mason.  Overall, which individual do you believe had the biggest impact on the state's history?  Explain.


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