Oral History Project Instructions


Michigan History, Spring 2004


Final Project Due:4/7



        Conduct a taped oral interview of at least one hour with someone age 60 or older.

        We would like a copy of the audio/video tape and paper itself to be kept on file at White Pine Village.

        It is possible some content of the interview could be used as a basis for a play at WSCC in the future.


Bottom Line:What will you have to turn in?


        Biographical Data Sheet containing information on the person youíre going to interview (not required with final project).

        A draft of your questions for the interview (not required with final project).

        A copy of the video/audio tape of the interview.

        Two copies of your project:

o       A title page which includes your name and the name of the person you are interviewing.

o       An abstract describing the person interviewed and a brief description of some of the topics covered in the interview (about one half to one full page single-spaced).

o       A transcript of one portion of the interview.

        Signed release form.




Due Dates

Steps/stages for project


Biographical Data Sheet


Rough draft of possible questions (100 minimum)


The interview takes place


Final copy of Paper/project





        You will need a decent-quality audio tape recorder.Often, the microphone is more important than the recorder itself because a built in microphone just won't work.Dual mikes with a tiepin or tie clip work the best.

        There are recorders with microphones available here to check out at West Shore.You will need to reserve these ahead of time if you are going to use them.It will include all the equipment you need except for a tape.

        If you want, you can use or borrow a video camera, but one is not available here at the college to check out.






        Following directions (see technical details); make sure to have a second video/audio copy of the interview AND a signed release form.

        Correct grammar and spelling.

        Quality of the abstract & transcript.

        See chart below:



Interview Length (Time)

Approximate Transcript Page Length (FULL Pages)


Potential Grade

23-24 Minutes



20-22 Minutes



17-19 Minutes



14-16 Minutes






Technical Details:


        The paper must be typed and single-spaced with correct grammar, spelling, etc.

        Use either 10 or 12-point font.

        Follow the format provided for the transcript.

        Single spaced & double space between each individualís response

        Bold & Underline the name of individual speaking and place a colon after their name

        Tab over after listing the speakerís name

        Keep the transcript as accurate as possible

        I will need a copy (NOT the original) of the audio/video tape.

        The person interviewed will have to sign a written release form.