Search & Apply for Scholarships

Tips for success

When should I search for scholarships?

  • • Scholarships searches should be performed throughout the year.

  • • If you are a high school student start looking during your senior year.

  • • If you are a college student and are planning to transfer to another institution within the next year, begin looking for scholarships a year ahead.

  • • Allow yourself time to complete all the requirements needed to submit scholarship applications.

  • • No matter where you are in your college career, it is never too late to apply for scholarships.

  • • Never stop until you are out of school and debt free.

  • • Apply for as many scholarships as you can. The more scholarships you apply for the better your chances are to be awarded the scholarships you have applied for.

Where should I search for scholarships?

Scholarship Search Web Sites: The following are links to free scholarship searches. You should also check with your local library for additional scholarship references. - Fast Web is a free scholarship search on the Internet. It provides you with other financial related information to help you with your financial aid process. - Financial Aid Information Page-over 180,000 resources, lists the financial aid offices in the country, has calculator to estimate your financial aid eligibility. It provides you with valuable information on scholarship scams.

• - Nursing Students 
http://www-directory - Zinch Scholarship Search - Mach 25 Search - Scholarships Information for Minority Students


Preparing a Successful Application

Your scholarship application represents you, keep these thoughts in mind.

• Apply Early
• Apply for as many scholarships as you can. You can’t win if you don’t apply.
• Your chances of winning a scholarship depends on your efforts, your academic and curricular background and how well you prepare your applications.
• Apply only if you are eligible
• Follow directions
• Complete the application in full
• Neatness count
• Make sure your essay makes an impression - How to write a scholarship essay.
• Watch out for deadlines
• Make copies before sending
• Give it a final look, ask a friend, parent, teacher to proof read before you submit your application and essay.
• Ask for help.

Keep yourself organized.

• Choose the scholarships you are going to apply for.
• Follow the application instructions carefully. If you have questions call or email and ask for help.
• Set aside time to apply for scholarships.
• Create a checklist that includes all of the required supplemental materials such as essays, recommendations, student aid report in addition to the application itself.
• Create a calendar with remainders: Calendar services like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar will be invaluable tools for keeping track of scholarship deadlines.
• Set up email alerts
• Keep copies of all your scholarship essays. Keeping copies on your computer will save you time as you prepare essays for different scholarships. You will be able selectively copy and paste information for other essays quickly and easily.