Academic Progress

Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)

Success is our goal

At West Shore, we want you to be successful! You came here with a goal in mind, whether it be to take a few courses to learn a new skill, earn a certificate, earn an Associate’s degree, or transfer to a university. In order to reach your goal, you must be in good academic standing.

Standards of Academic Progress ensure that students are in good academic standing at WSCC. Academic progress is monitored each semester for all students once final grades are entered.

Federal Financial Aid students must also meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) criteria.

Good Academic Standing

In order to be in good academic standing, you must meet the following:

  • Have a 67% completion percentage for all courses

  • Have a minimum GPA of 1.65 if you have attempted 3 – 12 credits

  • Have a minimum GPA of 1.75 if you have attempted 13 – 30 credits

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 if you have attempted 31 or more credits

Attempted Credits

  • Withdrawals, Incompletes, Failures, and Repeated courses (designated with ‘*’ on your transcript) are considered attempted credits.

  • Developmental courses completed with a passing grade do not count as credit toward graduation, but will be added to completed credits for purposes of SAP.

Academic Probation

  • If you fail to achieve good academic standing, you will be placed on Academic Probation, indicating a serious institutional concern about your academic progress and ability to be successful. If you are placed on Academic Probation, you will:

    • Be notified by e-mail as well as a letter to your home address on file that you have been placed on Academic Probation

    • Be required to meet with an academic advisor to register for classes until you are back in Good Academic Standing

    • Be limited to taking a maximum of nine (9) credits per semester

    • Be required to complete an SAP plan and meet the requirements of the plan that you agree upon with your academic advisor

Academic Suspension

Students who fail to meet the requirements of SAP and/or are not improving their academic standing status will be suspended for one semester and must meet with the Dean of Student Services.