Auditing a Course

Auditing a course means you enroll in the course and attend it, but you do not work for, nor expect to receive, a grade or credit for the course. You must still pay all regular tuition and fees for the course. Financial Aid MAY NOT pay for auditing a course.

You may audit almost any course offered at the College. To audit a course, register for the course as you normally would, complete the Audit Status Form and return to the Student Services office.

You are not allowed to change to Audit Status after the Midterm date. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.


The WSCC Business Opportunity Center offers Open-Entry/Open-Exit training allowing for enrollment at any time throughout the year.

Employers have great flexibility in building training programs by ala carte selection of modules from a menu of skill sets.  Students have an increased ability to work while earning a college degree since the hours of delivery are modeled to fit work schedules, including both online and hands-on training.

To view the entire Open-Exit/Open-Entry catalog including programs offered, degree/certificate plans, and course descriptions, click here.

To view individual program requirements, select the degree or certificate highlighted in blue below.

Electrical-Electronic Systems – A.A.A.S. & One Year Certificate
Mechanical Systems – A.A.A.S. & One Year Certificate
Mechatronics – A.A.A.S. & One Year Certificate
Precision Machine Technologies – A.A.A.S.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Cara Mitchell or Crystal Young at boc@westshore.edu or 231.843.5825.


UGotClass offers over 100 classes & 25 certifications – 100% online! Classes are offered through a partnership with UGotClass, the leading continuing education association in the world, backed by LERN (Learning Resource Network.)

How it works:
Each class begins the first Monday of the month and is one month long. Most classes are offered four times per year. Almost all of the certificates consist of three classes.

The Top Five Certificates available are
1.  Certificate in Data Analysis
2. Project Management Certificate
3. Social Media for Business Certificate
4. Digital Marketing Certificate
5. Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers Certificate

Click here to view the catalog. Contact Cara Mitchell at 231.843.5825 or cemitchell@westshore.edu for additional information or to register.