CFK 2017

College for Kids 2016

Tentative Class Offerings

July 31 - August 4, 2017

Morning Session: 9:00 a.m. - Noon • Afternoon Session: 12:40-3:40 p.m.

The Arts
Digital Photography • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th

Learn and apply basic photography skills including the rule of thirds and filling the frame. Journey through four different styles of photography! Beginning with Forced Perspective, side walk chalk and various props will be used to showcase how to use what is around you to create interesting photos. The second style, Macro Photography, teaches how to look closer for that perfect shot. The third and final styles will be portrait and abstract photography. As a final project, complete a photobook highlighting your best work.

Exploring Nature with Shapes • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th
Influenced by the works of Charley Harper, discover how to view nature in shapes. By focusing on basic hard edges and geometric shapes, learn to draw and paint organic subjects in nature (birds, butterflies, bees, etc). Both classes will collaborate to create a mural that will be displayed on campus and each individual student will create their own painting and drawings to take home.

Paints, Palettes, & Pastels • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th 
Spend the entire week painting! This class will include Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pastel painting. Explore different styles and types of painting to create a variety of work each day. This is a fun approach to try a little bit of everything while learning about color and how to use it in artwork.

Paints and Pottery • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th 
Work with multiple materials and make homemade paper used to create paper masks.  Pottery masks will also be created, fired, and painted.  Play with how to add different materials to paper to create textures and colors. Learn the terms, techniques, and procedures in working with clay.

Zentangle Creations and Screen Printing • PM Session: 9th-12th
Create Zentangle coloring pages ready for framing and screen printing. Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Create a coloring book out of your drawings and choose one to screen print onto a t-shirt.


Acting for the Stage • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th
Explore acting through practical application, working with comedy, Shakespeare and contemporary drama through monologue and dialogue. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the basic dynamics of stage work and acting as a craft through various methods!  Join us for a chance to perform!

Build-A-Business • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th
Would you like to be your own boss?  Are you interested in learning how to start a business? Build-a-Business will get your started!  Explore what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Learn how to turn your ideas into income. Team up with other youth and put your ideas to the test. Make connections with entrepreneurs and local business advisors. Gain marketable skills for planning and starting your own business.

Culinary Cuisine • AM Session and PM Session: 4th-8th and 9th-12th
A class for kids with tastes from all over the world. We will be cooking something different every day! Foods may contain wheat, nut, and soy allergens.

Government & Debate • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th

Explore two pieces of politics: local governments and debate. Discover what our local and state government consist of and what you can do to impact your community.  Secondly, prepare a debate about a current issue and share with the group and guests.

Mindful Living • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th
Learn how to live life with a purpose while getting your blood flowing and your energy going!

Sing with your Soul • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th 

Ideal for beginners, those in choir, theater, and anyone hoping to bring out their inner voice! Lessons include vocal exercises, breathing, stage presence, reading music, and more! Please bring a pocket folder, paper, and a pencil to class.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Philosophy & Everyday Life • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session: 6th-8th
Uncover philosophical theories and walk away with your own philosophy of life!

Outdoor Adventures

FunFit Wellness Camp • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th 

Make fitness and wellness fun! Sample a variety of exercise forms while learning tips for mental and physical wellness.  Each day will offer a different activity including: swimming, a ropes course, outdoor sports (flag football, soccer, or softball), indoor sports (volleyball or basketball), Yoga, Cardio Dance Fitness, and Meditation.

Hiking & Outdoor Survival • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 4th-8th
Engage in a variety of outdoor activities intended to foster an appreciation for hiking and spending time in the woods.  These may include building shelters, tree and plant identification, scavenger hunts, fames, and of course, hiking – both on and off campus. Much of this course will be outdoors, so appropriate clothing & footwear is necessary.

Jr. Spartan • AM Session and PM Session: 4th-8th and 9th-12th

Spend a week as a junior Spartan researcher sampling the exciting world of MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources! These sessions will provide an introduction to the diverse world of West Michigan agriculture, natural resources, fruit production, and animal science through local field trips and hands-on activities.

Pond Ecology • AM Session: 4th-8th
Investigate the living and non-living components of the West Shore pond. Students will get hands on experience netting and collecting macro invertebrates, testing water quality, and fishing with hook and line.  During the week students will construct a miniature pond using a large jar or tow liter bottle that will be taken home at the end of the course.  Students should bring two liter bottle and fishing poles (if possible). Bug spray and rubber boots are recommended.


Electronics • AM Session: 9th-12th • PM Session 6th-8th
Kids discover fun projects through learning how to solder and build electronics to take home.

Engineering by Design • AM Session: 6th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th
Design and model your own custom keychain prototype and cut it out with a 3D printer and CNC Milling Machine in the Mechatronics Lab.

Game Programming w/Kudo for PC and Xbox • AM Session: 4th-8th • PM Session 9th-12th
Design, create, and program your own games that are playable on PC’s and Xbox.  Using the Kudo programming environment, a simple icon based language using conditional do/when statements, students will learn logic and problem solving without complex programming syntax. Students will design and create their very own games they can save and take home to play!

Graphic Design • AM Session and PM Session: 4th-8th and 9th-12th

Dive into the basics of web design, best practices that should always be included in web design and logo development. We will create a logo/graphic character or printable coloring page from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If time allows we will cover setting up a basic website design in Adobe Dreamweaver.

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