Transfer FAQ's


Questions to Ask About Transfers

Admission Requirements and Procedures

  • What are the general admissions requirements such as minimum GPA?

  • Is there a deadline to apply?

  • Can I apply online? Is there an application fee?

  • When will I be notified if I am accepted or not?

  • Is the ACT or SAT required?

  • Are there a minimum number of earned college credits required for admission?

  • Is an Associate Degree required to transfer?

  • What are the specific admission requirements for specific programs?

  • Do I need to apply separately to the program and to the University? Do I need to send separate transcripts?

  • May I begin any semester?

  • What options are available to me if I’m not admitted?

Transfer Credit

  • Is there a transfer guide available?

  • Do any “D” grades transfer?

  • What is the maximum number of credits I may transfer?

  • When will I receive a transfer evaluation?

  • Can I appeal my credit evaluation?

  • Is my transcript stamped “MACRAO satisfied”?

  • Is there an advantage to completing my Associates Degree before transferring?

  • Will the entire Associate Degree transfer?

  • Can I receive credit for military service, life experience, AP or CLEP?

Academic Programs and Services

  • What academic programs are available in my area of interest?

  • What is the college’s enrollment and average class size?

  • Is there a separate orientation program for transfer students?

  • Can I meet with an advisor prior to registering?

  • Are classes available evenings, off-campus and weekends?

  • Can I attend part-time? How many credits are considered full-time?

  • Can I earn my entire degree in the evening?

  • What are the graduation requirements in my program?

  • What is the minimum number of credits I must earn from the college where I am transferring?

  • What academic support services, such as tutors, are available?

Student Services

  • Is on campus housing available to transfer students?

  • What kind of off campus housing is available?

  • Is family housing available on campus?

  • Can I commute? What are the parking regulations?

  • Are child care facilities available?

  • What facilities and services are available for students with disabilities?

  • What student organizations (clubs, intramural, honor societies) are available?

  • Is part-time employment a viable option on campus? Off campus?

  • Will career guidance be available?

  • What job placement services are available following graduation?

Costs and Financial Aid

  • How much is tuition, room and board, books?

  • Are there other fees, i.e. registration, health, activity?

  • When is tuition due? Are the payment plans, deferred payments?

  • What scholarships, grants, loans are available?

  • Are there any non-need based financial aid scholarships?

  • What special application forms are required?

  • What are the application deadlines?

  • When will I be notified of my financial aid package?