Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions - Tutoring Center

1. Is it true that you have to be failing before you can get a tutor from the Tutoring Center?
No, that is not true! Tutoring is available to help students who are struggling in their courses. If you feel that your grade is at risk of going under a C (or a B- in Intro to Chemistry, A&P I, and A&P II), please contact the Tutoring Center for help. If you are retaking a class, contact the Tutoring Center as soon as possible once the semester has begun.

2. Is it true that the Tutoring Center only has tutors for particular classes?
No, that is not true! The Tutoring Center has provided tutoring assistance in almost all of the classes offered at West Shore. It may take us a bit longer to locate a tutor in some courses, but we will make every effort to find a tutor that can help you regardless of the course in which you need help.

3. Is it true that only people with disabilities can get tutoring help from the Tutoring Center?
No, that is not true! The Tutoring Center is a combination of a tutoring center, a disability access office, and an outreach and informational office. Therefore, we help people in varying ways depending on their individual needs. You do NOT have to have a disability in order to get tutorial assistance. You do have to meet our criteria, which is basically being at risk of falling under a grade of C or having taken the class previously and withdrew, audited, or failed it.

4. Is it true that tutoring is free?

Yes, that is true! While we pay tutors an hourly wage, there is no cost to WSCC students.

5. Is it true that the Tutoring Center can help Veterans, Single Parents, Displaced Homemakers, and English as A Second Language speakers?
Yes, that is true! We can help depending on each person’s unique needs.

6. Is it true that if I participate tutoring that information follows me when I transfer to another school or quit taking classes?
No, that is not true! By law, the College keeps all personal information private, including your participation in the Tutoring Center. The staff will only release information if you request in writing that we do so.

7. Is it true that tutoring is only available for classes that are held at West Shore?
No, that is not true! We will provide tutoring help for all West Shore classes regardless of whether that help is needed for an online class or for a class held at a location other than West Shore, for instance, at the Manistee Center.

8. Is it true that the Tutoring Center helps students with disabilities?
Yes, that is true, through our Disability Access Services Office! Academic accommodations at no cost to the student are available for individuals with documented disabilities. Please drop by the Disability Access Office in the Tutoring Center, for details.

9. Is it true that my instructor may not want me to ask for tutorial help?
No, that is not true! The professors and instructors at West Shore are very supportive of the Tutoring Center and will welcome your participation in it.

Contact us at or stop by the Tutoring Center located in the upper level of the Schoenherr Campus Center, Suite 761. Telephone the Tutoring Center Staff at (231) 843-5906 or 843-5877.  If you wish, you can also fill out an online application for services.