The purpose of the COMPASS assessment is to assess your skills in writing, reading, and/or mathematics prior to enrolling in English Composition I or a mathematics course like Introductory Algebra or Business Math. 

We want you to be successful in your courses and by using this assessment we can make sure that you have the prerequisite skills necessary for these courses. 

If you score low on an assessment, it does not mean that you failed a test, it means that you need to build your skills in that subject before tackling a more challenging course.  If you do score low you will be required to complete a preparatory course like Intro to College Writing, Intro to College Reading, and/or Pre Algebra, depending on the assessment.  Once you have completed the required course(s) with a grade of “C” or higher, you may enroll in that English or math course you need for your program. 

We use COMPASS as part of our student success initiative.  It has been developed to ensure that you have a firm foundation in basic academic skills as you pursue your educational and career goals. 

Useful Links:

Click Here for the COMPASS Study Guide