Coursework Time Limits

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Coursework Time Limits

In general, there is no time limit for general education courses.

If you are pursuing an AAAS degree (Occupational Degree), you may have to take additional courses to satisfy current requirements. In addition, programs such as Nursing and Criminal Justice have different course time limit regulations, as required by their state licensing boards.

Transferring Courses

If you attended another regionally or nationally accredited college or university, West Shore will accept up to 40 credits in transfer toward an associate’s degree. We require that you take a minimum of 20 credits at West Shore to earn your degree. Only courses in which you earned a ‘C’ (2.0) or better are eligible for transfer.

Keep in mind that while we accept up to 40 credits, you will still need to meet our general education and degree program requirements. This may mean you will need more than 20 credits to earn your degree at West Shore.

If you previously attended West Shore and transferred without earning a degree, you may also transfer back up to 40 credits within seven (7) years of leaving the college and still earn a degree.