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Username & Password

Guidelines and procedures

Students, faculty and staff are required to maintain a secure, strong password for network access to services provided by the college.  Your user name and password will provide you access to all computers on campus as well as allow entry to, Moodle and Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS) web sites.

Limited-access prospective student and guest accounts are also available for eligible college affiliates and campus visitors.

Changing a password:

                From off campus

  Click this link to navigate to the Password Management system

                                Click this link and follow the how-to video to change your password

                On campus computers (registered Students, Faculty and Staff)

                                Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons at the same time

                                Select Change a password from the list

Forgotten passwords:

Click here and select "Forgotten Password"

Follow this how-to video to recover your forgotten password

Periodically, the WSCC network will request you to alter your password. This is a normal activity to enhance security of student and college information residing on the network.

Students and faculty/staff passwords will require changing every 120 days.

Passwords must be eight characters in length and contain three of the following: lower case letter, upper case letter, a special symbol, numeral. Password lockout will occur after six incorrect attempts. Passwords reuse is allowed after four password changes.

Tips to help keep your password secure:

  • Make it unique

  • Make it difficult to guess

  • Use three or more words

  • Substitute numbers for letters

  • Add punctuation

  • Keep it private (don’t give it out to anyone)

  • Don’t write your password down

Examples of secure passwords:

                Phrase: Thirty Four Free Trees!

                Password: 34Fr33Tr33s!

                Phrase: Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

                Password: mWu5&5Wum

Things to avoid:

  • Don’t use words in the dictionary

  • Don’t use your username as your password

  • Don’t use obvious words like your pets or children’s names