Student Senate


Student Senate

Serving the student body

West Shore Community College's Student Senate allows students to be a driving force within the college and to represent student concerns to the West Shore's administration.  In addition, the Student Senate oversees and funds student clubs under the Student Organizations and Activities Program.

The Senate strives to make the campus more fun, more engaging, and more responsive to student concerns during the academic school year.


Amber Sadler, President

Nick Richert, Vice President

Katelyn Pruyne, Student Life Coordinator 

Diana Figueroa, Secretary

Bryan Wandrych, RSO Liason & Treasurer


Anthony Paris

Ari Hoekstra

Isaac Motyka

Ana Figueroa

Maia Jonassen

Rene Figueroa


Marcus Crook, Director of Enrollment and Student Engagement

Dr. Matt Sanderson, Professor of Philosophy & Ethics


The Student Senate is meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 8 a.m., in room 751 of the Schoenherr Campus Center.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend the meetings.