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Student Organizations and Activities Program (SOAP)

Get involved and have fun!

The Student Organizations and Activities Program--commonly called SOAP--gives students a reason to come to campus and to stay on campus.  The Student Organizations and Activities Program at West Shore Community College sponsors campus events and leadership opportunities designed to complement and enrich student learning in the classroom.  Through the leadership and direction of the Student Senate and its advisors, students have vast opportunities afforded to them through SOAP for enhancing their life on campus.  

Students can:

  • Join organizations revolving around their interests

  • Start new organizations 

  • Receive funding for events and activities

  • Serve in top leadership roles

  • Play a key role in designing, planning and hosting student events on campus

Aside from just having fun, being involved on campus helps students get the most value out of their investment in college.  By participating in clubs and activities, students have the chance to exercise their skills in leadership, communication, critical thinking and even financial and logistical planning.  Through SOAP, students can be successful!