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Get Involved in Student Senate

Take your college experience to the next level

While initiatives such as the Student Organizations and Activities Program allow students to network, have fun, and play a significant role on campus, there are some that want to be a part of the even bigger picture; there are some students who want to learn what it really means to lead and to represent the voices of their peers. For these students, the opportunity to join the Student Senate may be just what they are looking for!  

West Shore Community College is proud to be the college of choice for a diverse grouping of students and the Student Senate seeks to be as equally diverse in order to more accurately represent the concerns of students.  Whether you are a traditional student who is attending West Shore fresh out of high school or a non-traditional student who is trying to balance work, family, and college, the Senate is looking for passionate, motivated, and self-driven people from all backgrounds who want to step-up and make a difference at West Shore.

The value of being a Senator:

As a Student Senator, you will be able to have a voice in what activities and events are held and how students can be more engaged on campus.  You will be able to meet and network with a great variety of leading figures throughout the college, including support staff, administrators, and faculty.  You will be able to immerse yourself in official parliamentarian proceedings and have a voice in managing financial resources.  You'll be challenged, you'll be forced to think critically, and you'll have every opportunity to know what it takes to be a leader.  The values of being a Senator are endless . . . but most importantly, when you graduate, you will be able to look back on your time at West Shore and know that you helped make a difference.       

How to get involved:

For more information on how to go about becoming a Senator and what the position is like, please contact one of the following people:

Student Senate Office

Student Senate Office: Schoenherr Campus Center, 225 (across from the Student Services office)

Student Senate Advisor

Dr. Matt Sanderson, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics
Phone: 843-5937
Office: Arts and Sciences Center, 386

Director of Enrollment Management

Marcus Crook
Phone: 843-3329
Office: Schoenherr Campus Center, 217 (in Student Services)