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Business Opportunity Center


Collaborating with businesses throughout the area to provide innovative practices for business excellence is our goal. Through this website, you will have access to a wealth of valuable information that focuses on starting and growing small businesses, corporate training opportunities, finding talented workers, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.

Whether you are one of our current business partners or are a community member looking to benefit from our services, we are here to help you.

We strive to build a stronger workforce and community for our region through partnerships, outreach, professional and workforce training, career services, facility rentals, academic refreshers and fun classes.

The WSCC Business Opportunity Center is a place where any business – large or small – new or existing – can come to receive training and support.

We are committed to planning and promoting full use of college resources to assist individual, business, industry, and community growth through training and education.

All programs are intended to enrich, strengthen, and support those who are not served by the traditional instructional activities of the College.

We are focused on the following four areas:

  • Training – We develop training in customer specific areas for individuals or groups to help businesses maximize their productivity and profit. We provide training to individuals and companies to improve their general skills, technical skills, and professional knowledge. We are committed to maintaining and growing a quality workforce in our region.
  • Economic Development – We partner with the regions economic development organizations to enhance the economic vitality of our community.
  • Entrepreneurship – We are a gateway for entrepreneurs to find resources through a single entity, saving them time, frustration and start-up costs.
  • Job Placement & Internships -WSCC works with students for both paid & unpaid internships, credit and non-credit internships. We work with the regional business community and WSCC faculty to match students to appropriate opportunities.
  • Personal Enrichment – We provide courses to enrich your life through arts and crafts; and cultural and physical improvement.

Contact us at (231) 843-5825 to share your ideas or to become an instructor.