Right for You?

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Is Online Learning Right for You?

Online Learning

If you are an independent and self-motivated learner, online learning may be right for you!

Since coursework can be completed any time of the day or night, it is ideal for those who are unable to attend regularly scheduled classes. However, if you   cannot set and maintain a schedule which allows you to keep up with your assignments, it is unlikely you will be able to successfully complete your online course.

Answering "yes" to the following questions may indicate that online learning is right for you:

1. Do you have regular access to a computer and reliable access to the Internet?

2. Do you read proficiently and do you easily comprehend what you've read?

3. Do you manage your time efficiently?

4. Are you able to focus and avoid distractions while studying?

5. Are you motivated to succeed in school and complete your classes?

Interactive Self Assessment:

Online learning may not be for everyone. The following interactive self-assessment may help you decide if online learning is a good fit with your learning style, schedule, and technology skills.

Begin Interactive Assessment

This assessment is intended to help you determine if you can be successful with online courses. The following areas are included:

  • Your Learning Environment (frequent access to course, dependable Internet connection, time to focus)

  • Your Life Skills (reading, writing, self-discipline, self-motivation, time management, organization skills)

  • Your Course Expectations (enthusiasm to complete course, committed to active participation in course)

  • You and the Technology (computer and keyboarding skills, reliable high speed Internet access, using technology to learn, asking for help)