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Online Courses

WSCC provides learners with several alternative ways to take college credit courses. Online and hybrid courses require minimal on-campus visits, so students with job and/or family responsibilities are able to continue their education.

In fact, more than 400 students each semester take online courses, with over 25 courses to choose from. Online and hybrid courses follow the same semester schedule as on-campus courses, have weekly assignment deadlines, require weekly participation in discussion forums, and are as rigorous as on-campus courses.

WSCC offers courses and programs online. Courses range from completely online or online with proctored testing to a blend of online and on-campus (hybrid) delivery. These courses are accessed using Canvas .

For the most up-to-date list of online or hybrid courses, please use the Course Search tool on

  • Select your semester

  • Under Method, select Online or the method desired

  • Click the search button at the bottom of the screen

Search for online courses and availability

Online courses are delivered over the Internet using a learning management system. The College uses a learning management system called Canvas. Instruction occurs entirely online, although some courses require proctored on-campus testing in the Learning & Testing Center, second floor Schoenherr Campus Center. Most online courses require that you attend an on-campus orientation session. Click here for a list of orientation dates and times.

Hybrid courses
are online courses that include scheduled classroom instruction on campus. For example: the hybrid Anatomy & Physiology course requires an on campus lab every other Friday.

Think online learning may be right for you?
If you have never taken an online course before, check out the Right For You: web page.