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Certified Production Technician Credential

(not a degree or certificate)

The Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) is an industry-led training, assessment and certification system focused on the core sills and knowledge needed by the nation’s production workers. The MSSC System, based upon federally-endorsed national standards, offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have mastered the skills increasingly needed in the high-growth, technical jobs of the 21st century.


A MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential is given to individuals who pass each of four Production open entry/open exit cores: Safety (17 modules that require 35 clock hours to complete); Quality Practices & Measurement (10 modules that require 35 clock hours to complete); Manufacturing Processes & Production (15 modules that require 35 clock hours to complete); and Maintenance Awareness (10 modules that require 35 clock hours to complete). As each of the four cores is completed, an assessment is administered. After passing all four assessments, a portable Certified Production Technician credential will be issued by MSSC.



MFG 01

MSSC Safety Core


MFG 02

MSSC Quality and Continuous

Improvement Core


MFG 03

MSSC Manufacturing Processes and Production


MFG 04

MSSC Maintenance Awareness



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MFG 01 is the MSSC Safety Core which is one of the four knowledge cores required by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) for certification as a Certified Production Technician. The beginning modules in this core provide the student with the knowledge and understanding of the overall importance of manufacturing to the U.S. economy and provide an overall level of organizational savvy of how manufacturing works. The later modules focus on the main purpose of this core, which is to provide the learner with the safety skills necessary to be a contributing member of a well-trained, highly skilled team of workers in advanced manufacturing today.


MFG 02 is the MSSC Quality and Continuous Improvement Core. This is the second of the four knowledge cores. The need for quality in manufacturing has resulted in a number of different theories and techniques. However, some of the central concepts shared by all of them include: 1) quality is everyone’s job; 2) a focus on prevention; 3) monitoring quality throughout the complete process; and 4) the identification of quality problems and the investigation of their root cause.


MFG 03 is the MSSC Manufacturing Process and Production Core. This is the third core and it helps the student develop the skills necessary to perform many of the necessary tasks in a high performance manufacturing enterprise. The student is provided with the basic knowledge and understanding of the mechanical principles of common production machinery and knowledge of production materials, production processes, production planning, production workflow, production process documentation, product packaging and production distribution.


MFG 04 is the MSSC Maintenance Awareness Core. This is the last core and explains the importance of electricity. Its use in manufacturing is demonstrated in the modules that emphasize machine automation, machine operational modes, and electric motor control. Additional modules in this core, demonstrate the important use of pneumatics to drive mechanical actuators to perform machine operations. Modules in lubrication, coolants, bearings and couplings, belt drives, and chain drives give the would-be Certified Production Technician diversified understanding of how machines work in high performance manufacturing.