Humanities Elective Requirement for AAAS

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Humanities Electives

Associate of Applied Arts & Sciences Degrees

Category A: Fine Arts (Theory, Survey or History) 

THE 101

Theater/Drama Appreciation

THE 131

History of American Musical Theater

THE 161

Modern Theater

ART 101

Art Appreciation

ART 201

Art History I: Ancient and Medieval

ART 203

Art History II: Renaissance to Modern

HUM 103 

Humanities in the Modern World

HUM 106 

Film Appreciation 

HUM 110

Introduction to Humanities

MUS 100

Music Appreciation

MUS 101

Basic Music Theory I

MUS 102

Basic Music Theory II

Category B: Foreign Language or Literature

FRN 101

Elementary French I

FRN 102

Elementary French II

LIT 101

Introduction to Literature

LIT 151

Topics in Literature/Poetry/Fiction 

LIT 211

American Literature Pre-colonial to 1865

LIT 212

American Literature 1865 to Present

LIT 213

World Literature

LIT 250

Introduction to Shakespeare

SPN 101

Elementary Spanish I

SPN 102

Elementary Spanish II

SPN 201

Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 202 

Intermediate Spanish II 

Category C: History or Philosophy 

PHL 100

Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 102

Introduction to Ethics

PHL 103

Introduction to Logic

PHL 104


PHL 202

World Religions

PHL 203

Eastern Philosophy

PHL 204

Philosophy of Religion 

HIS 141

History of Western Civilization to 1600 

HIS 142

Western Civilization 1600 to Present 

HIS 145

U.S. History to 1865 

HIS 146

U.S. History 1865 to Present

HIS 214

History of Michigan

Studio Art Courses and Photography