Nursing & Allied Health

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Nursing & Allied Health

At West Shore Community College, several exciting health career programs are available.


WSCC offers a nursing ladder program, in which student are able to take the national licensing exam for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) after the first level courses, and then progress to courses enabling licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). 
For more information about the specific course requirements for LPN and RN education, click here for curriculum guide to LPN or RN.

Practical Nursing certificate includes all pre-requisites of the nursing program and one year of nursing courses and prepares the student to take the national exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Associate degree in nursing (RN) includes all requirements of the Practical Nursing path and adds two semesters of nursing courses. Graduates are prepared to take the national examination to become a Registered Nurse.

For information about applying to WSCC’s Nursing Program, click here nursing admissions page.

For gainful employment information, click here.
Nurse Assistant/Multi-Skilled Health Care

West Shore provides nurse aide education which allows someone who completes the necessary course (NUR 105) to take state tests leading to career opportunities as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CeNA).

*  One course (NUR 105) - click here for pdf imageapplication for nurse assistant course in preparation for Certified Nurse Assistant.

*  One year certificate as a Nursing Assistant - Nurse Assistant one-year certificate curriculum guide.

*  Associate of Applied Sciences Multi-Skilled Health Care Nurse Assistant degree - AAAS degree in Multi-skilled health care Nurse Assistant curriculum guide.

For information about these educational options for Nurse Assistant, click here Nurse Assistant curriculum guide.

Respiratory Care Technician

West Shore joins with Ferris State University to provide education in Respiratory Care.

For additional information about this career, click here Respiratory Care home page.

Specific courses for this major are listed here Respiratory Care curriculum guide..

Radiologic Technician

A radiology technician performs many radiologic procedures and in helps patients get diagnosed and treated properly. West Shore offers a cooperative program with Mid- Michigan Community College which leads to an associate degree in Radiology Technology.

For more information about this career, please click here Radiologic Technician home page.

Specific courses required can be found here Radiologic Technician curriculum guide.