Canine Handlers

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Canine Handlers

Canine Handlers usually start as patrol officers.  Many departments will pay for your canine partner and related training, as well as the food and medical costs of keeping the canine.  Not all police agencies have a canine handler, so your services will be shared with neighboring jurisdictions.  You will work an assigned shift but will probably he required to respond to incidents during your off-duty time.

Many people who like pets do not have a personality suited to being a canine handler.
A dog trained for and used in a law enforcement is not a typical pet. You will have to train regularly with your partner, and at times put him or her in dangerous situations.

If your canine partner is used to track a dangerous criminal, you will be expected to deal with that criminal at the end of the track. Your dog might also be trained to locate drugs or deceased persons, and again, you will often have to perform police functions at the end of the track.

If there is a police canine in your local agency, contact the handler for more information.