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Criminal Justice Degrees

I want a bachelor's (four-year) degree, and to become a police officer

You can take your first two years of courses at WSCC and transfer to a four-year institution.  Most students who do this eventually attend Ferris State University or Grand Valley State University.

A list of courses has been developed that meets the requirements of these two universities.  If you are planning to attend another university you should contact a counselor there for a list of WSCC courses that will properly prepare you.


  • You will have to meet the state's standards for police candidates regardless of which academy you attend.

  • If you have a felony conviction or a domestic violence conviction you cannot work as a police officer in Michigan.

  • Any background issues can make it difficult to obtain employment after the academy.  If you have misdemeanor convictions, traffic tickets or credit trouble you could pass the academy screening but have difficulty in the job market when you are competing with candidates who do not have those background issues.

  • Police departments cite communication skills as the top requirement for police officers.  This includes speaking to a wide variety of people and extensive writing.  If your writing or speaking skills are poor -- or if you just don't like to write or talk to people -- you should choose another field.