Criminal Justice Degree/Police Academy

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Criminal Justice Degree/Police Academy

The Criminal Justice degree is designed for students who wish to become police officers. If you are interested in criminal justice education, but do not want to become a police officer, ask your advisor about an Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Criminal Justice.
Click here for information on applying for the Police Academy.

You can enter the program two ways:

Associate Degree. Following the schedule shown in the curriculum guide, you can graduate after two years of study with an associate's degree and be licensable as a police officer.  You will take general education courses during the first year, and the academy courses the second year.  While you are not required to meet the program admission requirements until you begin your second year of classes, you should check the requirements carefully before committing to this course of study.

Click here for a list of the courses required for this degree.

Transfer Students.  If you have completed the equivalent of the WSCC first-year courses at another college, or if you hold at least an associate's degree, you can finish the police licensure program in less than one year.  Contact the Criminal Justice office to see if you are eligible to transfer into the program.  Testing and registration for the track program start earlier than for other courses.

. Students must pass a screening process prior to starting the academy. The screening consists of: Physical Fitness Test, Reading and Writing Test, Board Interview, Background Check, and a Medical Examination.